What is a Catalyst?

Catalysts are rapid fire, member-driven, proof-of-concept projects which both inform and leverage TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create truly thought-leading and innovative solutions to industry challenges.

Why participate in a Catalyst project?

Catalyst participants gain extensive benefits, both business and technical, through their participation. The short duration and common goals of the projects lead to close working relationships being formed, that often blossom to long-term business relationships. Benefits include:

  • Accelerate R&D, leveraging the short project lifecycle and prescribed deadlines to rapidly explore and refine innovative solutions
  • Multiply R&D dollars by pooling resources and ideas into a larger team effort
  • Validate new products and services quickly and cost effectively
  • Develop trusted business relationships and partnerships based on close working relationships
  • Receive TM Forum marketing and communication exposure, building brand image and thought leadership positioning for your company

Interested in joining a Catalyst project? Contact Jean-Pierre Dufresne at [email protected] to discuss!