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Wim Gerrits
CEO & Founder

As CEO and founder of netYCE, Wim is responsible for the company’s strategy, helping network service providers around the world to simplify their operations through network automation.

Wim started his career in networking at Cabletron Systems in 1995 selling mission critical networks to large accounts as KLM, KPN, GE, ING and Philip Morris. From 2000 to 2010, Wim lead a team of solution architects at Predictive Systems and BT/ INS to helping NSPs with implementing various network management solutions.

Due to the lack of network automation solutions in the market, Wim and his colleagues started to develop the netYCE framework in 2001 for their first customer Rabobank. The solution enabled Rabobank to standardize and automate their network operations across all of their networks, saving them millions of euro’s with increased network agility and stability.

In 2010, the company NetYCE was founded as a spun-off from Rabobank. Since then the solution was successfully implemented in large Enterprise and (managed) service providers such as Ziggo and the dutch MoD.

The netYCE framework is able to cover a wide range of automation use cases and has become the market’s leading next-generation solution for hybrid network (configuration) change, orchestration and automation.

Agenda sessions

Day 1

May 15, 2017

  • NFV and SDN LIVE!

    • 2:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Achieving Hybrid Network Orchestration with Open APIs

Day 3

May 17, 2017

  • TM Forum Theatre

    • 11:30 am
      Building closed-loop automation solutions with Hybrid Network Orchestration Platform and open APIs