QuEST Forum EMEA Service Providers and Suppliers Summit 18-19 May


New for 2017. Register for TM Forum Live! and attend QuEST Forum’s event for no additional cost!

QuEST Forum’s 2017 EMEA Service Providers and Suppliers Summit will bring together some of the greatest minds in ICT. This year’s event will be a thought-provoking blend of keynote & executive speakers, panel discussions, networking events & more! It is sure to be an intensive learning experience and unique networking opportunity for all who attend.

With a theme of “Customer Experience Driven by Collaboration and Innovation in ICT”, the 2017 EMEA regional event will address some of the most pressing, current and future industry topics. Being held in co-location with TM Forum Live! and included as a part of your regular registration, this summit will feature presentations from an impressive lineup of industry leaders from top companies.

While in attendance, you will have a unique opportunity to:

  • Learn and share best practices with ICT professionals
  • Gain insight to ICT tools and information that you can share with your organization
  • Network! Network! Network! Connect, collaborate and learn from your ICT industry peers
  • Earn Continuing Education Units (CEU)
  • Discover firsthand insights on benchmarking and measurements
  • Start a dialog with suppliers and service providers from around the world who will be presenting real-world solutions they’ve implemented as best practices

For questions or additional information, please contact Donna Reed.


*Please note the location for the second day of the Summit will move from the Acropolis to a Nice location to be confirmed.

Outline Agenda

Thursday May 18

  • 8:ooAM: Registration & Coffee Service
  • 8:50AM: Housekeeping: Rebecca McVeigh, Chief of Staff, QuEST Forum and Megan Crawley, Executive Director, Marketing and Sales, QuEST Forum
  • 9:00AM: Keynote Presentations: “QuEST Forum / TM Forum Collaboration”,  Fraser Pajak, CEO
  • 9:30AM: Keynote Presentation:  Maria Eriksson, Senior Director of Performance Frameworks, Ericsson and QuEST Forum Executive Board Director and Petter Jartby, EVP and Head of Etisalat Global Customer Unit, Ericsson
  • 10:00AM: Keynote Presentation: “Vision 2020 and WCX”, Deepti Arora, Chief Quality Officer, NOKIA and QuESTForum 2017 Executive Board Chair
  • 10:30AM: Keynote Presentation
  • 11:00AM: Morning break – for all attendees
  • 11:30AM: Executive Presentation
  • 12:00PM: Executive Presentation: Etisalat – TL Journey
  • 12:30PM: Lunch – for all attendees
  • 2:00PM: Executive Presentation: KPI Team
  • 2:30PM: Executive Presentation: “Sustainability”
  • 3:00PM: Executive Presentation: “NFV/SDN QF Strategic Board Project”, John Wronka, Quality Senior Director,
    NOKIA and QuEST Forum Oversight Work Group Co-Chair
  • 3:30PM: Executive Presentation: Leroy Blimegger, Jr., PhD, Global President, Assurance & Managed Services Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.
  • 4:00PM: Afternoon Break – for all attendees
  • 4:30PM:  Executive Presentation: “CTO Update and TL 9000 Roadmap”, Ken Koffman, CTO, QuEST Forum;
    and Dave Sanicola, President, The DESARA Group and QuEST Forum Executive Board Director
  • 5:00PM:  Executive Presentation: “QuEST Forum Operating Update”, Fraser Pajak, CEO, QuEST Forum
  • 5:30PM: Conference Close: Fraser Pajak, QuEST Forum
  • 6:30PM: Executive Networking
  • 8:00PM: Roundtable  – by invitation – off site (by Invitation Only)

Friday May 19

KPI Work Group Meeting

  • 8:30AM: QuEST Forum Overview / Jumpstart, Alan Rutterford, Senior Consultant, Bywater Excel
  • 10:00AM: KPI Workgroup Meeting on Measurement Development
    (Observers and new Team Members welcomed)
  • 1:00PM: KPI Workgroup Meeting concludes

Keynote Speakers Include:


Maria Eriksson
Senior Director of Performance Frameworks, Ericsson

Deepti Arora
Vice President Quality, NOKIA and QuEST Forum 2017 Executive Board Chair

Executive Speakers include:

John Wronka
Quality Senior Director and QuEST Forum Co-Chair IGQ Work Group, NOKIA

Dr. Leroy G. Blimegger
Global President, Assurance & Managed Services, Huawei

Dave Sanicola
QF Executive Board Director, President, The DESARA Group, Inc

Fraser Pajak
CEO, QuEST Forum

Ken Koffman
CTO, QuEST Forum