Driving business value from data insights

“Knowledge is power.” Analytics allows you to truly understand your customer, your operations, your network and your business, giving you the potential to unlock new revenues, boost retention and even predict potential risks before they happen. Analytics Live! will walk you through how to move from data to insight and insight to action for maximum business value. Gain the know-how to generate actionable intelligence and position your organization for success

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • How do you integrate analytics technology with your existing business intelligence infrastructure?
  • What are the best practices for effectively sharing data across various touch points?
  • How do you demonstrate big data ROI to show improved financial and operational outcomes?
  • What are the best data monetization opportunities using segmentation, targeting, and other services?
  • How do you the overcome major challenges with analytics including data quality , security and privacy?

An agenda built just for you:

  • One-day Analytics Live! event
  • Integrated networking, including hands-on tours of Catalyst projects
  • Live analytics proof-of-concept Catalysts aligning on topics such as best practices, data ownership and security & privacy