Exploring the essential building blocks to realize the smart city vision

Around the world, the Smart City concept is taking off as an increasing number of cities are launching Smart City projects. Although cities differ in their approach and prioritization of different areas in their Smart City initiatives, the fundamental building blocks of every Smart City are the same – all require an integrated infrastructure, a sustainable ecosystem and partners who can help realize their Smart City vision.

The Smart City Live! Focus Day will take an in-depth look at the core building blocks of smart cities, identify the cities’ infrastructure requirements and explore how operators can help cities become smart. The Focus Day will also feature case studies of Smart City services launched by cities worldwide.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • What are the core Smart City building blocks?
  • What are the infrastructure requirements of cities and how can they be met?
  • What are the business and partnerships for operators in Smart City development?
  • What types of Smart City services have successfully been launched by cities?

An agenda built just for you:

  • One-day Smart City Live! Focus Day
  • Live smart city proof-of-concept Catalysts aligning on topics such as creating a horizontal open data information hub, connecting disparate digital ecosystems and driving citizen engagement