Enabling and monetizing digital ecosystems to deliver valuable new services

We’ve heard a lot about the promise of IoT and how it will change the world we live in and indeed the way we live. However, little has been achieved when it comes to unlocking the revenue opportunities related to smart services. IoE Live! will focus on the enablement and monetization of IoE; examining the marketplace, the ecosystem of stakeholders, and what is holding development back.

Many questions remain around business models, sharing risk and revenue, devising an IoE strategy in line with the existing business, what the IoE lifecycle looks like, how to successfully scale services and the all-important long-term monetization of services. This track is about the entire IoE ecosystem and eliminates the siloes of smart-X, to address the IoE business as a whole, with featured examples from different industries such as manufacturing, health and cities.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • How are IoE drivers and challenges evolving, and where does the market currently stand?
  • How can existing companies devise a successful IoE strategy and business model, and what lessons can be learnt from pioneers’ experiences so far?
  • What are the challenges to establishing an open digital ecosystem & effective partnerships?
  • What do successful IoE monetization business models and strategies look like?
  • What does IoE service lifecycle and scaling look like and how can barriers to growth be overcome?
  • How is IoE transforming lives and the world around us, and how can service providers use daily experiences to drive IoE adoption and further development?
  • What can be done to minimize risk and establish a model of trust throughout the IoE value fabric?

An agenda built just for you:

  • Two- day IoE Live! event
  • Live IoE proof-of-concept Catalysts aligning on areas such as connected car, eHealth and smart home