Engaging the customer of the future

Communications Service Providers everywhere are stepping up to the challenge of serving the rapidly increasing expectations of their residential and business customers.  In an ecosystem environment, those who own the relationship with the customer are thriving (Alibaba, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb). More than ever, customers are the key component in growing successful digital businesses. Organizations that succeed in positioning themselves as the experience integrator can drive innovation and growth by enabling new businesses and revenue opportunities across the value fabric.

Customer Centricity Live! continues to address the challenges of the design and development of a simple, friction less customer experience. It also delves into the crucial role customer experience management plays in the development of smart cities, IoE services, and the emerging role of the communications services provider as the experience integrator.

Key challenges that will be addressed:


  • What will the future communications service provider customer relationship look like?
  • What are the potential problems service providers will encounter partnership-driven, data sharing environment and how will service providers address them?
  • How can Frameworx help strengthen customer relationships?
  • How are TM Forum best practices being used to  implement omnichannel strategies efficiently and effectively in the real world
  • What will the role of the service provider be in enabling smart connections between citizens and city governments?
  • How can companies grow revenue with the Internet of Everything?
  • How can NFV and SDN help service providers improve their customer’s experience?

An agenda built for you:

  • Two-day Customer Centricity Live! event
  • Live customer centricity proof-of-concept Catalysts aligning on topics such as; omnichannel, personalized experience and metrics