Workshop takes place on Monday May 15

The Era of Me: Customer Centricity in the All-Digital World
Chairperson: Rob Rich, Subject Matter Expert, TM Forum


12:45 PM

2:00 PM
Welcome & Introductions

KEYNOTE: Getting into the Mindset of your Customer: A Proactive Approach to Engagement

Rob Rich, Subject Matter Expert, TM Forum
Chris Bauschka, Senior Director Telecommunications and Media, Salesforce

In an age where customer experience has overtaken product and price as the true differentiator for a brand, delivering a rich, yet simple to navigate customer journey for your products and services is a must.  Industries continue to face digital and technology disruption where everything and everyone is connected and service providers must continue to innovate in areas such as AI, virtual personal assistants and predicative analytics to serve their 360° journeys in order to meet ever-growing demands from their customers.

EXERCISE 1: Maximising Lead Conversion Rates with a 1:1 Omnichannel Approach to Prospect Management

Chris Coleman, Head of Multi-Channel Sales, Virgin Media
Andy Baer, SVP Communications & Media, Salesforce

During this interactive presentation, participants will share their highest priority customer experience initiatives for 1:1 engagement for facilitating the lead process across multiple channels including telesales, retail, digital and in-person.  Best practices for optimizing the customer shopping jorney will be discussed through interactive, guided dialogs and exercises in small groups to identify and prioritize critical success factors for creating a seamless customer experience. Participants will have a unique opportunity to contribute to the discussion and take away real-world strategies from their peers and industry experts.


EXERCISE 2: Reimagining the Customer Journey Channel by Channel

Rigas Parathyras, Senior Manager Digital Architecture Services, Liberty Global
Yossi Zohar, Director, Communications Industry Product, Salesforce

While many service providers today aspire to create an omnichannel customer experience, the vast majority still struggles with siloed organizations and systems for each of their customer interaction channels (call center, field service, retail, online/digital, etc.), with different goals and business challenges in each one. Given the intense over-the-top competition, service providers that want to truly improve customer loyalty, reduce churn and cord-cutting must take a deeper, “outside in” look at the customer journey in each of these channels. Participants in this interactive session will analyze the customer-facing processes in some of the most challenging channels, identify elements that create operational inefficiencies, sub-optimal business performance and/or customer frustration, and work together to find innovative optimization ideas that they will share with the rest of the audience.

Wrap-up and Closing Remarks