Profiting from data in a digital world

“Knowledge is power” as the saying goes and that is certainly true when it comes to analytics. The economy of data has the potential to yield significant and persistent business enhancements, but how can companies successfully harness this?

Analytics Live! will show you how to connect, combine, and automatically analyze bigger, more complex data to deliver faster, more accurate results and produce reliable and repeatable decisions that can be converted into business insights with tangible benefits.

It provides best practices to maximize cost efficiency by making more timely and knowledgeable decisions and where to invest in new tools and technologies that make it easier, cheaper and safer to extract, model, enrich and anonymize data using analytics. It also looks at how open data environments are driving innovation is emerging areas in the Internet of Everything and Smart Cities.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • What are the top factors a CSP must consider to ensure trust and transparency for your customers?
  • What are the “must-haves” for service providers to automate real-time analytics?
  • How are organizations using TM Forum best practices for data governance and security?
  • What are the mission critical areas for becoming more data driven?
  • How are organizations using Frameworx to create a secure, scalable network the can handle the massive amount of streaming data generated by multiple devices and applications?
  • What are the top data monetization opportunities?
  • How are trust-based networks enabling digital business in a complex regulatory environment?

An agenda built just for you:

  • One-day Analytics Live! event
  • Live analytics proof-of-concept Catalysts aligning on topics such as best practices, data ownership and security & privacy