Building and cultivating agile business for the digital age

The need for business agility to thrive in today’s digital marketplace is well understood; how to tackle the far reaching transformation required, though, is less clear. Challenges range from the need to re-design operations centres, re-organize teams, change corporate culture, recruit or develop new skills, etc., to procuring, adopting and implementing new technologies like virtualization, cloud, microservice architectures, etc. Agile Ops & IT Live! will examine these challenges and present experiences and best practices leading to successfully integrating the digital ecosystem.

Key challenges that will be addressed:

  • What is needed of the Operations Centre of the Future and how to achieve optimization?
  • What steps are needed to successfully transform and increase agility to face the competitive digital marketplace?
  • How can companies facilitate client and partner on-boarding across the digital value fabric?
  • What impact does cloud and virtualization technology have business and how to draw benefits from of these?
  • What is needed to make 5G a reality?
  • How can micro-services help operators simplify systems and what are the challenges to implementation?
  • What role will open source play in the future of OSS?

An agenda built just for you:

  • Live agile operations and IT proof-of-concept Catalysts aligning on topics such as agile methodology, policy management, and security challenges