Extend your week at TM Forum Live! with invaluable onsite training courses

Official TM Forum Training and Certification is a critical supporting tool in helping our members continuously transform and succeed in the digital economy.

At the heart of our training portfolio is Frameworx, TM Forum’s suite of best practices (including eTOM and SID) and standards that have helped hundreds of companies reduce cost, risk and time-to-market. Offered the world over, our training program gives you the knowledge to succeed in today’s changing world, and a competitive edge that will help fast track your career.

Join us in Nice for TM Forum’s onsite training courses on Sunday May 14 and Thursday May 18.  

What courses can you take?

Frameworx Overview

Establish your Frameworx foundation—the go-to standard for reducing cost, risk and time-to-market. TM Forum’s Frameworx.

Overview course is the first step in establishing your Frameworx foundation. The course takes you on a 360 degree tour of Frameworx, including the Business Process, Information, Application, and Integration Frameworks. Ultimately providing a step-by-step guide for you to develop a fail-proof structure of your service-oriented architecture.

Through an in-depth look at industry developed and agreed standard metrics and best practices, you will be able to establish the right approach to defining and recording process elements and flows, data definition and construct, and application functionality to achieve streamlined end-to-end service management and reduced cost, risk, and time-to-market.

Take this course: Sunday May 14 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Business Process Framework (eTOM) Fundamentals

Learn a common, business-led approach to rationalize the processes that run your business. Let us show you how TM Forum’s Business Process Framework can be used to support a range of business objectives – developing process flows; defining project scope; planning, designing, testing and deploying applications; transforming business processes; supporting procurement requests, and many more.

With this class you will learn the common language of Business Process that many thousands of others around the world are speaking. You will add a new skill to your professional resume while helping your company to systematically improve the way it does business. The course gives you everything you need to get started with one of the most well-known and widely-adopted standards in our industry.

Take this course: Sunday May 14 9:00AM – 5:00PM OR Thursday May 18 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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Information Framework (SID) Fundamentals

Learn to implement TM Forum’s common information model to improve your company’s agility, flexibility and accuracy.
Speaking the same language, understanding the meaning of the words used and having access to information is of vital importance to the success of any business. A common information model provides the definitions that you need to bring your common language to life in your business.

The course helps you get started and then reach implementation stage quickly by taking the guess work out of creating a common information model.
You will learn how to take the thousands of words and concepts related to managing a business and create a common and simple way to define and communicate them, all based on the TM Forum Information Framework which is widely used by thousands of service providers and suppliers around the world.
We will teach you to avoid common misunderstandings by using a standardized format to identify and define entities, their attributes and their relationships with each other, thereby saving you hundreds of hours of project work.
And you will add a new skill to your professional resume while helping your company systematically improve the way it does business.

Take this course:Thursday May 18 9:00AM – 5:00PM

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