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Grand Prize Winners : Garden Sharing

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Garden Sharing came up with a solution around three key themes: Green cities, collaboration and ecology. They wanted to connect people who have a garden to share and those who’d like use of one, and also create new ways to grow food and collectively care for plants. On why the team chose their idea, they said, “We really care about the future.”
The city and citizens could make money through renting out their green spaces and partners could monetize the idea in a number of ways – from promoting gardening tools to offering IoT as a Service (through sensors in gardens which remind people when they need to be watered, for example).

The Garden Sharing team was also awarded a special prize from IBM for their effective use of its platform and API.

2nd place : City of Things

City of Things, began their presentation with a theory:
“Imagine if trees gave off Wi-Fi signals. We would plant so many trees so we could save the planet. Too bad they only produce oxygen.”

In their presentation they said, “You’d be surprised what people will do for a free coffee” and presented the idea as “saving the world through free Wi-Fi”.

The Android app they developed is based around the idea of ‘social nudging’ and gamification – do good things for your city and be rewarded.  For example, in Venezuela recently the government decided to reduce the working week to four days to save electricity.

The app showed the ability to offer citizens tasks they could do (such as pick up trash) in return for rewards, such as a reduced water bill. The dashboard could show how much a person has saved or earned in a month, a real-time view of the ‘health’ of the city and the top priorities for action.

The team used FIWARE, open air pollution data, and the TM Forum Product Catalog Management, Product Ordering and Onboarding APIs. They deployed everything on the Bluemix platform and consumed it through Ericsson.

3rd Place : Eco Run

Eco Run aimed their app at helping citizens get healthier through outdoor exercise, while avoiding polluted areas at the same time.

Again, the app has a gamification element – citizens are given suggested routes which avoid pollution and rewarded with, for example, tickets or discounts. The city could reap the rewards through reduced healthcare costs and happier citizens, the team said in their pitch.

They used TM Forum’s Product Catalog Management, Customer Management, Product Inventory Management APIs and real-time sensor data from the City of Santander (provided by FIWARE).

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THANKS to our judging panel

Elaine Haher
Director, Business Development, Ericsson
Mary Tafuri, Director – IBM Cloud Ecosystem & Innovation Spaces
Mary Tafuri
Director – IBM Cloud Ecosystem & Innovation Spaces
Pierre Gauthier Chief API Architect
Pierre Gauthier
Chief API Architect, TM Forum
Joann O’Brien
VP, Agile Collaboration, TM Forum

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