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Day 1

May 15, 2017

  • 9:00 am
  • OSS/BSS of the Future Live!

    Chair: Gordana Koops, Head of Global Services, TM Forum
    Chair: Gordana Koops, TM Forum APAC
    Chair: Gordana Koops, Head of Global Services TM Forum
    Chair: Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum
    Chair: Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum


    The Journey to NFV and SDN
    Chair: Barry Graham,Director, Product Management TM Forum
    Orchestrating NFV & SDN

    Smart City Live! Focus Day

    Chair: Carl Piva, VP, Strategic Programs,TM Forum

    OSS/BSS of the Future Live!

    • Chair: Gordana Koops, Head of Global Services, TM Forum
    • 9:00 am
      Introduction and welcome
      Chair: Gordana Koops, TM Forum APAC
    • 9:05 am
      PANEL: Defining, designing and driving OSS/BSS for the Digital Future
      Jenny S. Huang,
      Lead of OSS/BSS Strategy Group, Standards and Industry Alliances, AT&T
      Shahar Steiff,
      AVP, PCCW Global
      Florent Lacroute,
      Lead API architect of OSS, Orange
      • How have OSS/BSS requirements changed with the advent of the digital service provider?
      • Moving towards next-generation OSS for a virtualized and hybrid network
      • The role of open source solutions on future OSS/BSS, results so far, and what is expected?
      • OSS/BSS Standards – why the industry needs them, where we currently stand
      • TM Forum initiatives and how to get involved
    • 9:45 am
      Session to be confirmed
    • 10:15 am
      No green fields – Building agility into the existing OSS
      Stefan Brock,
      Head of Production Architecture, Swisscom
      • Convincing the C-level of the value of adopting agile methods internally
      • Focusing on "quick" value and building our own network IT infrastructure in an agile way
      • Being able to follow the innovation and to obtain a maximum range of possibilities and flexibility within the OSS
      • Results achieved so far at Swisscom and what we plan on next
    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
      Chair: Gordana Koops, Head of Global Services TM Forum
    • 11:15 am
      CASE STUDY: Agile OSS/BSS for Digitalized Product & Service Delivery
      Catherine Michel,
      Chief Strategy Officer & VP of Products, Sigma Systems
      Joseph Johnson,
      Sr. Director of Transformation and Enterprise Architecture, Windstream
      • How Windstream developed, governed and executed a major transformation program in parallel with a major acquisition/merger and SDN deployment
      • Why the transformation strategy was based upon 3 main tenants: Product Catalog, CPQ & OM
      • How lead to service was reduced from months to minutes
      • How Windstream transformed to an agile delivery organization to consistently deliver business value during a wholesale transformation and merger
    • 11:40 am
      CASE STUDY: Transforming OSS & BSS to transition to a full Digital Service Provider
      • The need for new business modes to connect to global partners and become a digital player
      • Providing real time revenue capabilities to enable monetization across partnerships
      • Increasing the CSP’s level of digital maturity to engage customer in different ways
      • Analysing combined OSS & BSS as a digital transformation tool
      • Case study from Telekom Austria
    • 12:05 pm
      CASE STUDY: Enabling faster service time-to-value with cloud BSS
      Wim Haverhals,
      Senior Director Worldwide Industry Solutions, Apttus
      • Analysing the role of cloud BSS in enhancing agility and customer centricity
      • Why do CSPs need to transition toward cloud-based CPQ and CLM in today’s digital context?
      • Addressing challenges and best practices in cloud deployment and integration
      • The power of intelligent usage-based recommendations
    • 12:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: BSS Transformation to enable the DevOps centre of the future
      Sandra Mikuš,
      IT Director, Hrvatski Telekom
      • Gaining flexibility to adjust to changing customer needs by implementing DevOps
      • Case study of Hrvatski Telekom’s BSS transformation covering CRM, billing and order management
      • How to successfully engage both IT and Business departments with a common goal and outcome
      • Using TM Forum guidelines to simplify and automate processes and product portfolio management
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
      Chair: Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum
    • 2:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Next Generation OSS – Toward 5G
      Youngkung Kim,
      Director, SK Telecom
      • The evolutionary direction and SKT’s vision of next-generation telecoms networks including 5G
      • How to achieve enhanced operational network efficiency and intelligence
      • Introduce to SKT’s OSS strategy and architectural concept for enhanced network operation
      • The OSS journey for transformation of digital service provider
    • 2:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: OSS Evolution vs. Revolution to enable IoE fulfilment
      Sami Pohjonen,
      Head of Product Line Management Unit, Nokia
      Markus Kinnunen,
      Vice President, Service Management, Elisa Ltd
      • OSS and IoE – what are the new requirements?
      • Strategic choices CSPs need to make and how vendors need to support them
      • Delivering network management to effectively deliver on the promises of IoE
      • How to realize an end-to-end managed, secured and operational 5G environment
    • 2:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: The Path to Agile Operations
      Adan Pope,
      Chief of Industry Architecture - Office of the CTO, Ciena
      • A quick overview of today's OSS/BSS environment
      • Defining a roadmap strategy for transformation towards agile operations that meet the needs of the Digital Service Provider
      • Improving automation and platform integration through orchestration and agile IT practices, tool and architecture
      • Case study from Orange Business Services: transforming OSS/BSS to achieve greater agility and cost effectiveness
    • 2:45 pm
      CASE STUDY: Managing 0 to 70 Million Users in Less Than a Year Through Optimal OSS
      Domenico Convertino,
      WW CMS OSS Domain Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
      • Developing an OSS platform that could scale to a huge number of customer quickly
      • The role of Frameworx to ensure efficiency and shortest time to market possible
      • Establishing automation to provide the highest quality customer experience
    • 3:10 pm
      CASE STUDY: Next generation OSS-oriented converged networks (SDN/NFV+PNF)
      Michael Chan,
      CTO, BOCO Inter-Telecom
      Wang Ye,
      Deputy Director of Network Management Support, China Mobile
      • ICT convergence and the challenges for traditional telecom operators
      • Reducing CAPX and OPEX spending at the same time - how to meet growing and changing business requirements?
      • Facing the challenge of converged network (SDN/NFV+PNF) and how to establish a win-win digital economic ecosystem environment
      • Considering the main characteristics of converged networks and their effects on network operations & maintenance
      • Next generation network management system features: Cloud architecture, Open network management abilities & Agile DevOps.
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
      Chair: Dave Milham, Chief Architect, TM Forum
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Future Cognitive Secure for OSS/BSS Security
      Ian Oliver,
      Senior Security Researcher, Nokia Bell Labs
      Research Fellow, University of Brighton
      • What sort of security measures do future operations require?
      • How can you effectively secure the network you’ve worked so hard to transform to deal with the digital world?
      • Analysing the real level of risk and the breadth of damage a breach could cause
      • Hypothetical and real-life situations, and the solutions that could prevent them
    • 4:45 pm
      FIRESIDE CHAT: OSS/BSS and Digital Transformation – The People Challenge

      In this session, Brendon Adler, Head of Network Operations & Assurance at SingTel Optus, will provide a brief introduction to the issues at hand, which will be followed by a dynamic fireside chat in which we invite the audience to partake throughout with questions and comments.

      • The challenge and need to reduce opex year on year explained
      • What sort of new skills are required to succeed in OSS/BSS and digital transformation across the business and more specifically in operations?
      • How to ensure service and business continuity through transformation
      • A look at tried and tested solutions plus discuss potential future solutions
    • 5:10 pm
      CASE STUDY: Improving business agility of a multi-play service provider through digital BSS/OSS transformation
      Leon Šagovac,
      CEO, GDi Zagreb
      Boris Gotovac,
      Cluster IT director, Croatia VIPnet & Macedonia one.Vip
      • The situation: Former “mobile only” provider rapidly moving into the wireline business
      • Growth through development of own network, acquisitions of cable & fibre providers and wholesale rental
      • Assessing the range of OSS products on offer to manage different network technology domains
      • Transforming the OSS to drive faster service rollout, streamline end-to-end business processes and improve customer experience
      • Looking back on implemented solutions, lessons learned, future plans to ensure and maintain agility
    • 5:30 pm
      End of Conference


    • The Journey to NFV and SDN
      Chair: Barry Graham,Director, Product Management TM Forum
    • 9:00 am
      Track Sponsor Welcome
      Domenico Convertino,
      WW CMS OSS Domain Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    • 9:05 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: The Journey to NFV and SDN
      Amol Phadke,
      Managing Director, Global Network Virtualisation and Transformation, Accenture
      • Understanding the need to develop two sided business model powered by software defined to co-create services with vertical industries
      • Why multi-vendor ecosystem critical to success
      • Seeing the lack of alignment on standards as a great opportunity to influence their development
      • Exploring the different levels of orchestration that are required, from network element and domain to infrastructure and service
      • Why API driven plug and play platforms are critical to accelerate time to market and reduce TCO
      • Developing a new operating model by enabling a complete culture shift and adopting DevOps and automation to create a software development environment that looks less telco and more over the top
      • SDN/NFV as the key enabler to create a software platform that can be consumed by future IOT services/cloud offering
    • 9:25 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Protecting virtualized environments
      • Identifying the security breaches that can occur in virtualized environments
      • Understanding the importance of designing security in upfront
      • Enabling the orchestrator to call on internal or external security functions
      • Applying security policies to users or systems accessing NFV components in order to detect configuration-related security vulnerabilities
    • 9:55 am
      CASE STUDY: NFV and SDN Progress Report – Orange Polska’s Transformation towards a Software Driven Company
      Konrad Gawda,
      Advanced Services Expert, Orange Polska
      Rafał Dziedzic,
      Director of Technological Transformation Strategy, Orange Polska
      Sebastian Nowosielski,
      Virtualization Transformation Strategy Agency, Orange Polska
      • Providing an update on Orange Polska’s NFV/SDN program – explaining the reasons behind the program, current state of work and key learning to date
      • Examining the cooperation with AT&T in terms of Orange Group - especially ECOMP
      • Initiatives and projects - current state of work – service, technology and operational model transformation
      • Outlining the goals for the future
      • Takeaways
    • Orchestrating NFV & SDN
    • 10:35 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Developing a Blueprint for Zero Touch, End-To-End Service Orchestration across Hybrid and Multiple Networks
      Mounir Ladki,
      President and CTO, MYCOM OSI
      • Identifying the key requirements for effectively orchestrating services end-to-end across multiple providers on a hybrid of physical and virtualized infrastructure
      • What common information and data models, standards and APIs are needed to make end-to-end management happen?
      • How can the current end-to-end management architecture be extended?
      • Ensuring that a security fabric is built in end-to-end
    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • 11:15 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: OSS for Digital Services – from Evolution to Revolution
      Domenico Convertino,
      WW CMS OSS Domain Lead, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
    • 11:35 am
      Rebuilding OSS for Hybrid Networks
      Mounir Merhi,
      Segment Head, OSS, Tata Consultancy Services
      • Understanding why closed loop lifecycle service orchestration and open APIs are critical components of a successful OSS re-architecture outcome
      • New service models are being developed to normalize and bridge physical and virtual network resources. The support for services enabled by logical and virtual resources must be independent of the underlying complexity of hybrid networks
      • Examining the most critical capability of the OSS that will manage hybrid networks
      • A secure software based network abstraction fusion layer, equipped with accurate and real-time automatic network discovery is
      • Leveraging OSS to bridge the gap between SDN/NFV and legacy networks and ensuring maximum leverage of CSP expended capital for existing networks
    • 11:55 am
      CASE STUDY: Going beyond Basic NFV Orchestration and Looking at Orchestration Holistically across the Service Layer
      Dr. Wolfgang Fleischer,
      Head of NFV & IMS Services, Telekom Austria
      Todd Spraggins,
      Senior Product Manager - Director of Technology, Oracle
    • 12:15 pm
      CASE STUDY: Using Orchestration Solutions to Enhance Operations and Service Agility
      Roberto Kung,
      SVP Quality Operations, Orange
      • Orange Essentials 2020 and the strategy of operations transformation
      • The changes in operations when softwareization - centralization, speed up time to launch new service/application through DevOps, Hybrid operations across legacy and NFV/SDN
      • Orange OSS Transformation to enhance operations and service agility
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Achieving Hybrid Network Orchestration with Open APIs
      Olav Roes,
      Service Owner Global Networking, Rabobank ICT
      Wim Gerrits,
      CEO & Founder, NetYCE
      • Closed loop, hybrid network orchestration & automation - best practice experiences from Rabobank
      • Rabobank's benefits of adopting a unified change management approach with network abstraction and data driven configuration automation for all their multi-vendor and multi-domain networks
      • How to achieve the benefits of standardizing all network change processes and processes
      • New use cases for global rollout due to merger of Rabobank NL with Rabobank International
      • New use cases to integrate NFV-, Firewall-, and Cloud automation within existing solution
    • 2:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Improving Time to Market and Reducing New Service Deployment Complexity by Implementing an OSS Orchestration Layer
      Dr. Claudio Righetti,
      Chief Scientist, Cablevision Argentina
      Patricio Latini,
      SVP, Broadband Communications, Intraway
    • 2:40 pm
      CASE STUDY: Best Practices for Adopting End-To-End Orchestration
    • 3:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Implementing Orchestrated Service Assurance in Virtualized Networks and Service Delivery Architectures
      • Understanding the key challenges in rolling out services faster and ensuring customer experience
      • Determining the impact of network slicing and service chaining on service assurance
      • Developing a framework for automated/ policy-enabled service assurance
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Service Assurance in the Era of Virtualization
      Sébastien Grognuz,
      Cloud Architect, Swisscom
      Dr. Vikram Saksena,
      Chief Solutions Architect - Office of the CTO, NetScout
      • Service assurance challenges with virtualization
      • Virtualized network function visibility
      • Proactive monitoring and troubleshooting for complex hybrid networks
    • 4:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Automated Assurance for Cloud Services
      Patrick Kelly,
      Founder and Principal Analyst, Appledore Research Group
      • Understanding how the economics of virtualization expands the production possibility frontier (PPF)
      • Achieving the more efficient utilization of scarce resources, including both capital and labor, to expand the PPF
      • How do CSPs move from blueprints and architecture to realizing this future state of operations?
      • Exploring Next Generation Service Assurance systems and their role in autonomous networking, including the fundamentals of:
        • collecting a diverse set of multi-domain data to avoid blind spots
        • processing data in real time because workloads and resources will move, add, reconfigure in seconds
        • applying advanced analytics based on patterns, active inventory, and life topology graphs
    • 4:40 pm
      CASE STUDY: Predictive and Proactive Assurance with Closed Loop Dynamic Automation Leveraging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
    • 5:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Examining the Role of Closed Loop Automation
      • How do operators govern the behavior of closed loop automation?
      • Does closed loop imply closed?
      • How will vendor systems interoperate in closed loop automation processes?
      • What road blocks do you see to realize the close loop automation?
      • Identifying the near term and long term use cases for closed loop automation

    Smart City Live! Focus Day

      Chair: Carl Piva, VP, Strategic Programs,TM Forum
    • 9:00 am
      Carl Piva,
      VP Strategic Programs, TM Forum
    • 9:05 am
      CASE STUDY: Special Purpose Vehicle – Creating Consortia to Foster a Government, University and Business Collaboration Approach to Building Smart Cities
      Geoff Snelson,
      Director of Strategy, Corporate Core, Milton Keynes Council
      • Which stakeholders need to come together in a legal framework to create a Special Purpose Vehicle?
      • Examining the business model of the SPV
      • What’s easy and what is not when working in the SPV model?
    • 9:25 am
      CASE STUDY: Adopting a Business Led Approach to Elements of the Smart City
      Paul Copping,
      Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Greenwich
      • Identifying the use cases and components in the city that can be used to drive the evolution of the smart city
      • Linking distinct components together to build a replicable multi-city business model
      • Scaling up local successes to full economic return on investment
      • Maintaining security, standards and governance in a multi-city cloud based services model
    • 9:45 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Charting the Progress of Smart City Development in China
      Professor Wen Xueguo,
      Head, Shanghai Academy
    • 10:05 am
      CASE STUDY: The Smart City and Operators – How Operators are Enabling Smart Cities
      Carlos Domingo,
      Chief Digital Transformation & Innovation Officer, du
    • 10:25 am
      Smart City development in the US and the role of operators
      Mike Zeto,
      General Manager of Smarter Cities, AT&T Inc.
      • Examining the progress the US is making in building smarter cities
      • Outlining why the US is behind in the global smart cities race and what we need to do to take U.S. smart city adoption to the next level
      • Understanding the value of having a framework in place to help cities develop and implement a holistic smart cities strategy
      • Exploring ways in which cities can monetize smart city technologies
      • The importance of collaboration, particularly between the public and private sector
      • Discussing how secure multi-platform connectivity is the foundation of a smart city and why telecom providers play an important role in the creation of a smart city
    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • 11:15 am
      CASE STUDY: Enabling the Connected Smart City Ecosystem
      Bala Mahendran,
      Chief Executive, Basildon Borough Council
    • 11:35 am
      CASE STUDY: Stadslab2050 – Citylab2050
      Iris Gommers,
      Program Leader Sustainable City, City of Antwerp
      • Understanding how to accellerate becoming a sustainable city by involving stakeholders from the quadruple helix and experimenting together - our baseline is: ‘we experiment the future’
      • Creating a broad network of sustainability pioneers, we call city laborants/stadslaboranten
      • Generating ideas and started experiments regarding topics such as: greening the city, energy for our companies, sustainable fashion, the sharing economy, food, climate-adaptation, the sustainable entrepreneur
      • Outlining how this works and what the impact has been so far
    • 11:55 am
      CASE STUDY: Digital Services for Smart Citizens – a Platform Approach
      Christian Maître,
      CIO Deputy, IT Modernization, Orange Group
      Andreas Polz,
      CTO, Infonova R6
      • Providing digital services in sustainable buildings, cities and in multi-country markets
      • From design and onboarding of services through delivery and monetization
      • Examining the evolving standards for platforms and ecosystems - TM Forum, Fiware and beyond
      • Developing cooperation and coopetition between digital platforms and ecosystems
    • 12:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Solutions for „One-stop Mobility“ in Vienna
      Angelika Winkler,
      Deputy Head for Urban Planning and Transport Planning, City of Vienna
      • Easy handling at a glance of all information about mobility, like PT, car sharing, bike sharing, parking and so on
      • A mobile app is the user interface of the city-owned mobility platform in Vienna
      • More tailor-made applications in connection with mobility and housing
      • Social and technical innovations for viable city districts
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      LIGHTNING TALK: Building a City Data Reference Architecture
      • Understanding a reference architecture and supporting process and information models support the evolution of smarter cities
      • How can cities benefit from being involved in creating reference models (plug-and-play)?
      • Highlighting how Frameworx/TM Forum APIs are useful for cities


    • 2:10 pm
      LIGHTNING TALK: The New Science of a City
      Francesc Giralt,
      Director of Society Affairs, City Protocol
      • Describing the building blocks of the city
      • The ontology and taxonomy of the city
      • Input to de-facto standards and scaling up city-to-city collaboration


    • 2:20 pm
      LIGHTNING TALK: Understanding the value of open source city contextual APIs to build a smart city platform
      Juanjo Hierro,
      CTO, FIWARE Foundation
      • Context-aware internet of things in the city
      • Value of the combined TM Forum Open API and FIWARE API story
      • Live city examples of the above


    • 2:30 pm
      LIGHTNING TALK: Exposing IoT Assets over the Web
      David Cuckow,
      Global Head of Engagement, Hypercat Alliance
      • Automatic resource discovery for the Internet of Things
      • Using Hypercat, FIWARE and TM Forum open APIs together
      • Determining what is missing to connect the city to the internet of things in a secure way


    • 2:40 pm
      LIGHTNING TALK: Exposing Data in a Structured Open Way
      • Organizing city data to enable easy and uniform access
      • Success case studies from around the world with focus on data usage and analytics
    • 2:50 pm
      • How can we create a repeatable pattern for city-to-city collaboration?
      • What is the role of open source, open data and open and shared APIs?
      • How do I pull this together to drive the data economy to drive economic growth?
    • 3:10 pm
      CASE STUDY: Examining the City of Tampere’s Regional ICT Infrastructure Renewal Program
      Jarkko Oksala,
      CIO, City of Tampere
      • Outlining the largest ICT tendering program done by Finnish municipalities
      • Working together with eight different municipalities in the Tampere region to create a harmonized ICT infrastructure platform
      • Quantifying the cost savings achieved through joint procurement
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Meaningful Inefficiencies – Using Technology for Inclusive, Citizen-Led Innovation in the Smart City
      Stephen Walter,
      Program Director, Mayor's Office of New Urban Mechanics, City of Boston
      • Designing urban technologies not just to increase the efficiency of city services, but to create a platform for deliberation, learning, and action for all citizens
      • Leveraging "meaningful inefficiencies" as a design prompt for deploying new citizen-focused technologies that take into account democratic values beyond mere efficiency
      • Highlighting examples that have come out of our office in Boston (in partnership with local universities such as Harvard and MIT, startups such as Bitsence, and research / design studios such as the Engagement Lab):
        • Virtual Design: Community PlanIt, a game-based engagement platform for urban planning deliberation, and BOS:311 (previously called Citizens Connect), the first major city-designed reporting app
        • Physical Design: Public Space Invitational - an urban design competition to make city streets more useable, equitable, and delightful
        • Augmented Space: Local Sense Lab - an open, citizen-led hyperlocal IoT testbed for embedding sensors to better understand the urban fabric. This led to the recent publication of our Smart City Playbook


    • 4:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Creating a Market for Smart City Solutions – the GrowSmarter Project
      Gustaf Landahl,
      Head of Department, City of Stockholm
      • Working with industry to help get the market growing
      • Reducing GHG emission by 60%
      • Improving the quality of life for our citizens
    • 4:40 pm
      CASE STUDY: Incorporating Smart Cities Initiatives to Improve Resilience
      • Smart technologies role in acceleration of the livability, workability, sustainability and resilience of the City environment
      • Deploying hardware, software, and open data platforms in an effort to increase personal interaction and residents’ involvement
      • Employing technology to expand on the success of the City’s current neighborhood based planning process to promote smart land uses
      • Integrating smart cities practices into processes to foster sustainability
      • Using technology and data to prepare Miami for the adverse effects of sea level rise, continued flood mitigation, home rehabilitation and home buying assistance programs for low-income residents
    • 4:40 pm
      PANEL: The Smart City of the Future
      Mike Zeto,
      General Manager of Smarter Cities, AT&T Inc.
      Angelika Winkler,
      Deputy Head for Urban Planning and Transport Planning, City of Vienna
      • How are you seeing the smart city movement changing and morphing over the coming years?
      • What are your views of the ecosystem of ecosystem discussion we have had here over the last couple of days?
      • What are the key issues that you feel need to be addressed?
      • Will city platforms emerge, and will cities start to learn how to work with one another?
      • How should industry and cities work together?
    • 5:30 pm
      End of Conference

Day 2

May 16, 2017

  • 9:00 am
    Keynote: TM Forum
    Nik Willetts,
    Deputy CEO, TM Forum
  • 9:20 am
    Keynote: GE Digital Europe
    Deborah Sherry,
    General Manager and Chief Commercial Officer, GE Digital Europe
  • 9:40 am
    Keynote: Disrupted to Disruptor: The healthcare innovation and digital journey
    Alpna J. Doshi,
    Group CIO, Philips
  • 10:00 am
    Keynote: Netcracker
    Andrew Feinberg,
    President and Chief Executive Officer, Netcracker
  • 10:20 am
    Panel Discussion: OSS/BSS 2.0 – The Key to Digital Transformation
    Erik Hoving,
    Group Chief Technology Officer, KPN Group
    Phil Jordan,
    Group CIO, Telefonica
    Harmeen Mehta,
    Global Chief Information Officer, Bharti Airtel Limited
    Ulf Ewaldsson,
    SVP, Group CTO & Head of Group Function Technology, Ericsson
  • 11:30 am


    Internet of Everything Live!

    Chair: Aaron Boasman, Senior Director, Research & Content, TM Forum
    Chair: Pierre Blanchard, Senior Advisor, PRB Advisory
    Chair: Pierre Blanchard, Senior Advisor, PRB Advisory

    Customer Centricity Live!

    The Experience Integrator: Enabling New Businesses & Revenue Opportunities across the Value Fabric
    Powering Citizen-Centric Smart Cites
    Driving the IoE Experience
    Chair: Ana Weber Ph.D, President and Founder, E-Play Corp

    Agile Operations & IT Live!

    Chair: Barry Graham, Senior Director, Agile & Business IT Program, TM Forum
    Chair: Gordana Koops, TM Forum APAC
    Chair: Gordana Koops, Head of Global Services, TM Forum

    Digital Platform Economy & APIs Live!

    Chair: Chris Lewis, Managing Director, Lewis Insight


    • 11:30 am
      CATALYST: Key Enablers for a Hybrid Infrastructure Platform
      Stephen Fratini,
      System Engineer Technology Standardization, Ericsson
      Milind Bhagwat,
      Enterprise Architect, BT
      Takayuki Nakamura,
      Manager, NTT
      • Providing an overview of the TM Forum platform concept and associated benefits
      • Examining the enablers for a hybrid network management platform based on standardization work being done by the TM Forum ZOOM project
      • Highlighting related TM Forum catalyst projects
      • Discussing the relationship with various open source projects in the area of virtualization
    • 11:55 am
      CASE STUDY: Open Source and the Open Network – a New Paradigm Needs a New Approach
      Laurent Leboucher,
      Vice President APIs and Digital Ecosystem, Orange
      Dr. Eyal Felstaine,
      Vice President & Head of Orchestration Group, Amdocs
    • 12:15 pm
      PANEL: Exploring the Role of Open Source and Standards in SDN and NFV
      Diego Lopez,
      Senior Technology Expert, Telefonica I + D
      Chair on NFV, ETSI ISG
      Pierre Lavillat,
      NFV Director Program Manager, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
      Dave Milham,
      Chief Architect, TM Forum
      • Open Source versus standards?
      • How does Open Source line up with standardization?
      • Is Open Source helping create de facto standards?
      • Open MANO’s role in enabling rapid deployment of NFV services
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Telefonica’s Customer Centric Networks
      Patrick Lopez,
      Director, Global Networks Innovation, Telefónica
      Chair, ETSI NFV ISG
      • Innovation at Telefonica
      • Telecom services hierarchy of needs
      • The role of SDN & NFV in Customer centric networks
      • SDN, NFV, DevOps toolset
      • Data center evolution
      • Connecting the unconnected
    • 2:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Customer Centric Design in Implementing NFV/SDN
      Laura van Beers,
      Program Lead Digital Transformation, KPN
      Inge Brandt,
      Customer Experience Designer, KPN
    • 2:40 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Evolving New Business and Revenue Models with NFV
      Alan Nunn,
      Consulting Director, Telecoms, CGI
      • The opportunities and challenges for operators in adopting NFV and SDN
      • Alternative approaches for delivering SDN and NFV capability
      • Addressing the internal changes needed to deliver products to the market faster
      • Achieving differentiation in an increasingly competitive marketplace
    • 3:00 pm
      PANEL: Enabling Customer-Premise Cloud-Based Services with Lifecycle Service Orchestration
      Shahar Steiff,
      AVP, PCCW Global
      Christopher Cullan,
      Christopher Cullan Director of Product Marketing, Business Services Solutions, InfoVista
      Wayne Cheung,
      Director Product Marketing, Juniper Networks
      Johanne Mayer,
      Director Product Marketing, Orchestration, Oracle
      • How can telco operations be modernized with “metamodel-driven” orchestration for innovation and agility?
      • How can you accelerate alignment on existing e2e performance standards to automate dynamic, assured inter-connectivity?
      • How can the management plane of virtual and physical infrastructure be shifted to push-based performance ‘streaming’ using open APIs?
      • How do you develop integrated SD-WAN managed services with flexible architecture for greater differentiation?
      • How can open architectures and standardized interfaces be used to select edge device in line with performance and security requirements?
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      Delivering an on-demand network
      • Orange Business Services' digital platform to deploy on-demand services
      • Return on experience for SDN/NFV services
      • Feedback on customer experience & usages
    • 4:20 pm
      Combining NFV, SDN and the Cloud to unlock the full potential of virtualization
      • Why network performance is key to meeting the growing expectations and needs of customers and creating competitive advantage
      • Outlining what each technology contributes to simplifying the network and making it agile, dynamic and scalable
      • Practical use cases of how combining SDN, NFV and the Cloud can accelerate service creation and delivery, personalize connectivity and improve the customer experience
    • 4:40 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Towards Multi-Vendor Ecosystems – the Whole is Greater than Sum of its Parts
      Dave Duggal,
      Founder and Managing Director, EnterpriseWeb LLC
    • 5:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Creating New Revenue by Exposing Network Services Using TM Forum APIs
      Atul Purohit,
      Principal Enterprise Architect, Vodafone Group
      • Building platform capabilities for future services
      • Innovation, co-creation and crowdsourcing of ideas for new revenue generation
      • Openness, agility and interoperability by industry standardization
      • Learnings from Cloud – real-time charging and spot pricing
      • Monetizing models for overprovisioning and maximizing resource utilization
    • 5:30 pm
      End of conference track

    Internet of Everything Live!

      Chair: Aaron Boasman, Senior Director, Research & Content, TM Forum
    • 11:30 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Beyond the “Roadmap of Challenges” – Redefining Ecosystems and Businesses
      Craig Bachmann,
      Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
      • Why no business can stand alone if it is to survive in the age of connectivity and disruption
      • How are ecosystems changing?
      • How to create an IoE business, implement technology, and design a market plan of action?
      • The challenges of commercialization and monetization of connected services for different stakeholders
      • Analysing the IoE magic triangle: Trust, Connectivity and Interoperability
    • 11:40 am
      PANEL: Drivers and Barriers to IoE Realisation
      Stephen Mellor,
      CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium
      William Webb,
      CEO, Weightless
      Gaël Blondelle,
      Director European Ecosystem Development, Eclipse Foundation
      Kees van der Klauw,
      SVP, Philips Lighting Research
      Chairman, Innovation Ecosystems Working Group, Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)
      Prof. John Davies,
      Chief Researcher - Future Business Technology, BT
      • How can we establish a new paradigm to enable trust, efficient partnering, scaling and monetization of IoE products & services?
      • People vs. tech, where do the remaining hurdles lie?
      • How big is the interoperability issue and what are the security/privacy risks?
      • How much of a barrier is the lack of harmonisation between standards initiatives?
      • Who dictates the digital direction? – Government, customers, end-users, providers…?
    • 12:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: Boarding the IoE Express – Where to Start?
      Jürgen Hase,
      CEO, UNLIMIT, Powered by Reliance
      • Looking at which services are most in demand, needed and beneficial – smart city, transport and logistics, industrial automation, healthcare, consumer products…
      • Who is getting it right, how are they doing it, and what can others learn?
      • What is required in order for traditional companies to thrive and successfully compete against emerging IoE natives?
      • The big picture – looking at market maturity on a global level
      • How to devise an IoE strategy adapted to market specifics and capabilities?
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
      Chair: Pierre Blanchard, Senior Advisor, PRB Advisory
    • 2:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: IoE Services as a Business: LoRa, 5G and Other Examples
      Andreas Polz,
      CTO, Infonova R6
      Hervé Bouvier,
      Project Director, Orange
    • 2:20 pm
      INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION: The Role of Blockchain & Smart Contracts in Strengthening the IoE Economy
      Jon Matonis,
      Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation
    • 2:30 pm
      PANEL: The Role of Blockchain & Smart Contracts in Strengthening the IoE Economy
      Karel Dekyvere,
      CISO, Microsoft
      Jon Matonis,
      Founding Director, Bitcoin Foundation
      Adam Vaziri,
      Director, DIACLE
      Chief Legal Officer, Chain of Things
      Jonny Voon,
      Innovation Lead for IoT and Distributed Ledge, Innovate UK
      Anish Mohammed,
      Board Member, Blockchain Advisory Group
      • The promise of blockchain in securing transactions across industries
      • Examining blockchain’s origins in digital financial transactions and results achieved so far
      • A look at potential future uses for blockchain including smart contracts and these could mean for the digital economy across various industries
      • Using blockchain to guarantee data integrity and further drive IoE adoption
      • Considering public vs. private blockchain
      • Where do we currently stand in terms of testing, development and implementation? And what are the potential pitfalls or hurdles?
      • Should editing capabilities be introduced to blockchain? When might this be useful?
      • How can blockchain digital assets be used to generate revenue?
    • 3:10 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Devising the Right Structure and Strategy for Your IoE Initiatives
      Hubertus von Roenne,
      VP Global Industries (IoT), BT Global Services
      • Adapting to the IoE marketplace without losing your core identity
      • Establishing successful partnerships to deliver profitable IoE services for all
      • Case study: IoE in Retail:
        • What is the profile of the early adopters?
        • Examining different business cases and objectives
        • What does the service lifecycle look like at the moment?
      • Real-life illustration
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
      Chair: Pierre Blanchard, Senior Advisor, PRB Advisory
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Facing the Complexity of Emerging Digital Service Models
      Sandor Albrecht,
      Founder and Head of Global Garages, Ericsson
      Anders Hardebring,
      CEO, Imagimob
      • The ecosystem of ecosystems – moving beyond bilateral partnerships to connect with the wider digital world
      • Engaging industry verticals in the digital arena and drawing success for all partners
      • Distinguishing between customers and end-users, and providing exceptional service to all
      • Exploring new business models defined by deeper collaboration how to maintain control in such environments
      • How to rapidly design, implement, operate and monetize digital services with partners in extended value chains
    • 4:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Establishing REAL Open Innovation and Collaboration
      Kees van der Klauw,
      SVP, Philips Lighting Research
      Chairman, Innovation Ecosystems Working Group, Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI)
      • Enough with the lip service – where are we really with IoE and what can we realistically expect in the near future?
      • Why is open collaboration between stakeholders essential to IoE development?
      • What are the obstacles today and how are they being addressed – introduction to the EU’s AIOTI
      • What examples of successful monetization have already been seen?
    • 4:40 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Enabling and Optimising Platforms and Ecosystems – The Connected Car
      Vimal Mehta,
      Chief Strategist in Emerging Trends & Enterprise Architect, Telus
      • Who are the key stakeholders on the technology evolution front: Automotive suppliers, Digital players, MNO, insurer, Government
      • Ensuring smooth technical integeration
      • Customer journey and connected experience - similar to the smart phone
      • IoE platform integration
      • What safety and security concerns should be taken into account?
    • 5:00 pm
      INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION: Creating Successful, Streamlined Partnerships in an Inherently Complex Environment
      Kevin McCaffrey,
      Director, Tr3dent
      Rebecca Sendel,
      Senior Director, Business Assurance Programs, TM Forum
      • Introduction to TM Forum’s ecosystem mapping tool/business scenario tool
      • How to transform existing business models, re-define relationships and make money
      • How to leverage existing tools available to help you take your place in the digital ecosystem
    • 5:10 pm
      PANEL: Creating Successful, Streamlined Partnerships in an Inherently Complex Environment
      Brett Olson,
      Manager, Deloitte
      Hubertus von Roenne,
      VP Global Industries (IoT), BT Global Services
      Dave Duggal,
      Founder & Managing Director, EnterpriseWeb
      • Is partnering an option or an obligation in today’s (and tomorrow’s) digital economy?
      • How to speed up collaboration and offer integrated products and services
      • Overcoming the technical challenges to collaboration and integration of products and services
      • Exploring shared investments, risk and monetization models
      • Driving collaboration to foster innovation and create new revenue streams across a vast open digital ecosystem
      • What does it take to truly create an open digital ecosystem and what is lacking today?
      • Guaranteeing successful, speedy partner on-boarding and continued synergies in a fast-paced environment
      • The role of APIs in enabling partnerships, and illustration of TM Forum’s work in this area
      • Developing and evolving repeatable and consistent processes and approaches to partnering

    Customer Centricity Live!

    • The Experience Integrator: Enabling New Businesses & Revenue Opportunities across the Value Fabric
    • 11:30 am
      FEATURED PRESENTATION: Rethinking the customer experience for the digital economy
      Pam Abel,
      Vice President Enhanced Client Services Operations and Strategic Planning, AT&T Inc.
      • Examining new industries and services where the one who owns the customer relationship is succeeding
      • Realizing the potential and opportunities of becoming the integrator of people, processes and systems for all partners who are stitching together components of the solution
      • Enabling a platform based business in an ecosystem environment to exploit emerging technology trends while positioning for future services
      • Developing a successful customer centricity journey to be better armed to play in the aggregators’ camp of the global Industry consolidation game
    • 11:50 am
      FEATURED PRESENTATION: Engaging the Digital Customer
      Kevin O’Brien,
      VP, Application Development, Comcast
      • Introducing new delivery models while enabling customer journey optimization
      • Re-shaping the enterprise using business-driven technologies to achieve cost reductions
      • Aligning your technology and business models to digital customer demands at every point in the customer experience lifecycle
    • 12:10 pm
      FEATURED PRESENTATION: Strengthening up your Personalization Strategy to Attract and Retain Customers
      Muez Yihdego,
      Chief Customer Service Officer, ethio telecom
      • Leveraging powerful personalization capabilities based on persona-driven, real-time analytics and persistent customer information to infer intent and generate next best actions
      • Exploring customer personas or behavioral data from multiple sources to generate compelling personalized offers
      • Creating offers to acquire or retain customers and during care interactions –customers prefer to never have a “care interaction”
      • Eliminating or at least reducing the need for care calls in new product development and in network support
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • Powering Citizen-Centric Smart Cites
    • 2:00 pm
      PRESENTATIONS & PANEL: Humanizing Smart Cities: A Citizen-Centric Approach Toward a Scalable Smart City Platform
      Iris Gommers,
      Program Leader Sustainable City, City of Antwerp
      Chris Cooper,
      Co-chair of Citizen Centric Data Workstream, European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC)
      Co-Founder & Director, KnowNow Information Ltd.
      Bala Mahendran,
      Chief Executive, Basildon Borough Council

      15 minute presentations from each panelist, followed by a chaired audience-involved panel discussion

      • Discussing how the relationship between city governments and citizens changing as citizens become more empowered through technology and the role of the service provider in enabling this connection
      • Understanding how local Government can collaborate intensively with other sectors (Academy, Business, Community and Government) with the communications industry playing a central role
      • Engaging citizen to co-create their smart city and working with communities to ensure that the needs of citizens are met
      • Examining how new technologies will affect and improve the lives of residents and how citizens’ behavior, expectations and needs are likely to change as technology evolves
      • Adopting an experimental approach in which technology is actively trialed or prototyped to test the impact of these technologies in the community
      • Establishing protocols that outline who controls the information produced, and who the main stakeholders are that have access to the infrastructure from which this data is sourced
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • Driving the IoE Experience
      Chair: Ana Weber Ph.D, President and Founder, E-Play Corp
    • 4:00 pm
      Leading the Way for QoS, Experience and Profitability in a Partnership-Driven Ecosystem
      Jamie Gorman,
      Vice President of Strategy, Altice
      Sanjay Mewada,
      Chief Strategy Officer, NetCracker
      • Becoming a major legitimate player in the IoT and digital services spaceby developing their customers’ trust through ensuring their digital satisfaction and safety
      • Addressing the complexities of  multi-channel interactions in developing IoE services with new/additional customer-owned connected objects
      • Providing additional assets for the future competition to secure key positions in the value chains of IoT and digital services
    • 4:30 pm
      CASE STUDY: Enabling World Class Data-Driven Customer-Centric Healthcare
      Preetham Nadig,
      CEO, Datalynx Pte Ltd.
      • Understanding how big data is transforming the healthcare industry
      • Embracing the latest technologies to track care and keep up with customer demands
      • Compiling data from various sources (including medical and insurance records, wearable sensors, genetic data and even social media use) to draw a comprehensive picture of the patient as an individual and offering a tailored healthcare package
    • 5:00 pm
      PANEL: Going from “IoE for CX” to “CX for IoE”
      David Cook,
      VP Connected Car Solutions, Concentrix
      Mark Mortensen,
      Research Director - Digital Experience, Analysys Mason
      Andrea Canessa,
      Director, Industry Solutions Product Strategy, Oracle
      • Capitalizing on the proliferation of ‘Smart Things to enhance the way you digitally interact with your customers and gather valuable insights
      • Viewing ‘things’ as customers of services and creating new type of interactions with them and their humans
      • Exploring how ‘things’ are now full-fledged parties that interact with each other and humans, create service requests and place orders
    • 12:30 pm
      FEATURED PRESENTATION: Service without borders: Maintaining your customers’ experience across partner boundaries
      • Determining how to approach customer relationship ownership, control and accountability with end-to-end visibility of services and resultant customer experiences
      • Aligning the vision and goals among partners, from management right down to the operating teams a prioritized set of projects, joint and individual, to achieve set goals
      • Managing journeys that involve interactions with multiple partners as well many channels witha shared set of outcomes and metrics for customer journeys and processes.
      • Clearly defining the relationships, roles, responsibilities and processes for customer-facing and support organizations and systems
      • Combining an established service blueprinting approach and the newer customer experience ecosystem to assure that a customer’s interaction is consistent, and meets or exceeds expectations

    Agile Operations & IT Live!

      Chair: Barry Graham, Senior Director, Agile & Business IT Program, TM Forum
    • 11:30 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: The Operations Centre of the Future
      Barry Graham,
      Director of Product Management, TM Forum

      • Using Frameworx to futureproof your processes
      • Tidying up your process structure and establishing a common foundation to enable partnerships and integration
      • Process simplification and breaking them down into building blocks just like in IT
      • Implementing processes with automation and policy

    • 11:50 am
      Solutions Providers Panel and Open Q&A
      Mounir Ladki,
      President and CTO, MYCOM OSI
      Adan Pope,
      Chief of Industry Architecture - Office of the CTO, Ciena
      Marc Hayden,
      CEO, gen-E

      This is a great opportunity to quiz the solutions providers so come armed with questions to put to the panel of experts.

      • What is the most common priority for service providers when it comes to updating their operations?
      • What sort of solutions are available and how do they range in complexity to implement?
      • What sort of results have been seen so far in this area?
      • Audience questions
    • 12:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Transformation – Ensuring Future Relevance and Revenue
      Craig Farrell,
      VP and Chief Technology Officer, Global Telecom Industry, IBM
      • The dilemma of transformation in times of budget constraints and fierce competition
      • Strategic redirection and cultural barriers to merging IT and operations
      • What’s the real trigger for transformation?
      • NFV implementation – Why is it taking so long?
      • Examining the maturity of solutions on offer
      • Looking at tried and tested business strategies
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
      Chair: Gordana Koops, TM Forum APAC
    • 2:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Transformation in Flight – Ensuring Business Continuity Through Digital Transformation
      Vijay Sivasankaran,
      Director, Technology Strategy, Ooredoo Group
      • Examining the business case behind becoming a Digital Service Provider and how to stave off competition from digital natives
      • How to efficiently manage your current assets and ensure business as usual throughout digitalization of systems?
      • How to enable the platform economy and take your place in the digital industry
      • IT & architecture transformation
    • 2:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Transformation – Why, What, How?
      Eugene Yeo,
      Group CIO, MyRepublic
      • Discussing disruption, new business models and partnerships, the rise of the platform economy, and the need for customer centricity
      • How are service providers planning and implementing this?
      • How are companies integrating new technologies including open source, cloud and NFV and how are these impacting strategies across the business?
      • Dealing with a “legacy” workforce and pulling it in to digital direction
    • 2:45 pm
      CASE STUDY: Business Transformation and End-to-End Digitalization at Telefonica
      José Manuel Gascón Carús,
      Global IT Strategy & Transformation Director, Telefónica
      • Leveraging Frameworx to digitalize processes, making them real time and automated
      • Managing transformation at global level with locally-focused execution
      • Establishing a new KPI to measure capabilities enabling by digitalization
      • Using this new KPI to define the new digital customer experience and making real business impact
      • Telefonica’s process and service transformation program and achievements so far; impacts on Operational Business Units
    • 3:10 pm
      CASE STUDY: Business Process Re-Engineering at NTT East Using TM Forum Assets
      Emi Yoshino,
      Chief, Network Development Group, Strategic Network Management Department, NTT East
      • Overview of our BPR project – reconstructing core systems
      • What challenges did we face in transforming our outdated systems to and operations, and how did we overcome them by using TM Forum assets?
      • Transformation is not a straightforward process - Illustrating years of trial and error leading to where we are today
      • Planning for future development and efforts to further improve our business and systems
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
      Chair: Gordana Koops, Head of Global Services, TM Forum
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Redesigning the Factory for the Digital Future
      Dr. Robert Plana,
      Director of Innovation and Ecosystems, GE Digital
      • Examining the need for transformation and agility to compete and remain profitable in the industrial manufacturing space
      • The need for a stable environment to ensure digital continuity
      • Establishing a culture of change, sharing and of embracing innovation
      • Reinventing the factory to face future demands and constraints of the digital customer
      • Using data from the factory floor to constantly improve and optimize processes
    • 4:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: Why Digital Customer Onboarding is Critical For Keeping Your Customers
      Andrew McLean,
      President & General Manager, System-Integration Practices, Amdocs Services
      Jakub Redžić,
      Third Party Management, Vodafone Netherlands
      Rakesh Bohre,
      Customer Engagement, Amdocs
      • Why non-digitalized onboarding is no longer a sustainable option for service providers
      • How to successfully meet SLAs, comply with regulations, ensure smooth processes and achieve great KPIs in such a changeable environment
      • How business process outsourcing drives digital operations and safeguards that all-important quality of service
      • Ssh! Some of the secret ingredients behind successful customer onboarding, (including virtual agents, robotic intelligent-process operations, and prebuilt automated capabilities, processes and operational methodologies…)
    • 4:50 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Calculating the Importance of Procurement in Digital Transformation
      Roberto Kung,
      SVP Quality Operations, Orange
      • How to guarantee end-to-end supply chain ecosystem performance
      • How to create agile provisioning in a hybrid environment?
      • How is the vendor-buyer relationship evolving in the context of today’s complex digital ecosystem?
      • How can the ops team work with the supplier in a DevOps mode
      • Finding the right tools to provide end-to-end provisioning of complex digital services across various partners’ cloud and hybrid networks
      • A deeper look at the broadening “as-a-service” market
    • 5:10 pm
      CASE STUDY: Catalogue Driven Operations and Asset Lifecycle Management at Swisscom
      Patrick Büch,
      Head of Service Management, FNT
      Philipp Ryffel,
      Head of Product Management Fabrication, Swisscom AG
      • How to rollout the catalogue into operations (Change of Minds)
      • Implementing the catalogue and a service inventory into existing processes
      • Using the state machine to improve a proper lifecycle management
      • LCM and management of effectiveness on basis of transparent catalogue-based unit-costs

    Digital Platform Economy & APIs Live!

      Chair: Chris Lewis, Managing Director, Lewis Insight
    • 11:30 am
      FEATURED CASE STUDY: Digital Industrial Transformation in Action
      Vincent Champain,
      General Manager – Europe Foundry, GE Digital
      • Examining the opportunities that digital is unlocking in every industrial sector all around the world to improve productivity and drive efficiencies
      • Leveraging data and a platform able to extract value securely and deliver transformative insights.
      • Connecting industrial equipment, analyzing data, and delivering real-time insights to unleash new levels of performance
      • Providing an overview of Predix, our cloud-based platform and a true operating system for the Industrial Internet providing an edge-to-cloud advantage with continuous data acquisition, coupled with timely response
      • Understanding how partnerships with big companies, SMEs, start-ups and developers are essential to create the richest possible ecosystem and have the best apps
    • 11:55 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: An Overview of the Platform Marketplace
      Elaine Haher,
      Director Business Development, Ericsson
      Eric Troup,
      Chief Technology Officer, Worldwide Communications and Media Industries, Microsoft
      • The backend technical functions required
      • Roles - producer, curator, consumers
      • API usage and monetization
    • 12:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Making the Transition from Pipe to Digital Platform Provider
      Tom Loozen,
      Senior Managing Director, Communications & Media Industries, Accenture
      • What is the impact of the multi-sided platform economy on operators?
      • Addressing the challenges involved in transforming into a platform curator
      • Identifying which parts of your business are best suited for platform-based business models
      • Evolving the telco business model from product- to platform-based to create new revenue opportunities – what are the organizational, cultural, technical and operational challenges?
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Establishing a Regional Digital Ecosystem and Developing Digital Services via a Cloud Platform
      • Outlining MTN’s Digital World strategy including new industries selection, preparation for ecosystem, platform, organization and successful practice in multiple domains such as digital music, video and mobile gam.
      • Understanding how MTN accelerated its digital service transformation through their Digital inCloud Platform, including Ecosystem, Infrastructure and service enablement
    • 2:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Digital Trust and the API Economy
      Rob van den Dam,
      Global Telecommunications Industry Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV)
      • Results from our global digital ecosystem survey (2151 executives)
      • Results from our global digital trust consumer survey (21,000 consumers)
      • Creating new market opportunities through digital ecosystems and APIs
      • Digital trust as the key to success of digital ecosystems
    • 2:40 pm
      CASE STUDY: Building Open, Vendor-Neutral Platforms to Create the World’s Largest Connected Health Ecosystems
      Laurent Vandebrouck,
      Managing Director Europe, Qualcomm Life
      • Providing an overview of Qualcomm Life’s healthcare platform and open ecosystem
      • delivering the inter-operability between medical devices
      • Partnering with integrators and service providers in healthcare to deliver end to end RPM/telehealth services
    • 3:00 pm
      CROSS INDUSTRY INSIGHT: Digital Platforms Increasing Innovation Return in the FinTech Industry
      Nicolas Steiner,
      Founding Member, FINTECH Circle Group
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      Transforming your organization to successfully adopt a platform approach
      • Migrating to a DevOps culture
      • Examining the changes needed to procurement, project funding and governance
      • Transforming the organization into agile and empowered operating units
      • To what extent are new skill sets required?
    • 4:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: Digital Identity – Liberty Global’s Transformation Journey
      Henry Minogue,
      European Director, Consumer Solutions Transformation, Liberty Global
      Gemini Waghmare,
      Founder and CEO, UXP Systems
      • Managing the digital transformation successfully by addressing the key issues:
        • Identity Management over Customer Management
        • Simple subscriptions and user data over complex charging
        • Service entitlements over ordering and provisioning
        • Deep learning and AI over analytics & reporting
      • Outlining how Liberty Global is implementing a “digital BSS” stack, placing digital identity at the forefront of their transformation plans


    • 4:45 pm
      PANEL: Developing a Platform Strategy
      Doug Nixon,
      CEO, DGIT Systems
      Rob van den Dam,
      Global Telecommunications Industry Leader, IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV)
      • Understanding who you are competing with and how
      • Choosing your role (producer, curator, consumer) in different industry sectors and/or ecosystems
      • Identifying your target audience and new growth opportunities
      • Deciding how to best breaking into the platform business – acquisition, investment or alliances/partners
      • Managing data across silos to ensure that it can be exploited effectively

Day 3

May 17, 2017

  • 9:00 am
  • Internet of Everything Live!

    Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
    Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
    Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
    Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum

    Customer Centricity Live!

    Amplifying your Reach: Infusing Emerging Channels for Engagement
    Chair: Yossi Zohar, Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce
    Using Intelligence to Support Real Experiences
    Chair: Pierre Blanchard, Senior Advisor, PRB Advisory
    Going Virtual: Adopting an Agile Approach to Customer Centricity
    Tracking Digital Footprints: Capturing the Elusive 360 Degree view of your Customer

    Analytics Live!

    Analytics Powered Innovation: Driving success with Data
    Chair: Ken Koffman, CTO, QuEST Forum
    Bringing intelligence to IoE
    Chair: Ana Weber Ph.D, President and Founder, E-Play Corp
    Best Practices for Leveraging Big Data to Increase Intelligence
    Ecosystem Risk Management: Moving Towards Truth, Trust and Data Governance

    Agile Operations & IT Live!

    Chair: Chris Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
    Chair: Chris Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
    Chair: Chris Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting

    Digital Platform Economy & APIs Live!


    Internet of Everything Live!

    • Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
    • 9:00 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Supporting IoE Architectures and Standards Under Horizon 2020
      Rolf Riemenschneider,
      Head of IoT Sector, European Commission
      • Overview of the EU’s Digital Single Market– opportunities and strategy
      • Examining the challenge of harmonizing standards to provide and integrated platform for connected objects
      • Building the digital industrial platforms of the future based on suitable reference architectures
      • Horizon 2020 – creating cross-sectorial partnerships and collaboration to build effective, scalable ecosystem solutions to drive IoE across Europe
    • 9:25 am
      INTRODUCTORY PRESENTATION: The Reality of Security & Privacy Concerns
      Ian Oliver,
      Senior Security Researcher, Nokia Bell Labs
      Research Fellow, University of Brighton
    • 9:35 am
      PANEL: The Reality of Security & Privacy Concerns
      Dr. Gadi Solotorevsky,
      Chief Evangelist – Revenue Guard, Amdocs
      Ambassador, TM Forum
      Alexander Rockel,
      Architect and Security Lead, Oracle
      Ian Oliver,
      Senior Security Researcher, Nokia Bell Labs
      Research Fellow, University of Brighton
      Sanjeev Shukla,
      Managing Director, Accenture Security
      • Identifying and understanding emerging privacy, safety and security concerns in the hyper-connected world
      • Key factors to ensure trust and the expansion of the connected world
      • Where is the line between personal privacy and public safety? And how to different national regulations compare in this sense?
      • Do we need standards for IoE security?
      • How to share risk and responsibility across the IoE value chain
      • Is it realistic to imagine an un-hackable connected world?
      • Calculating the true cost of a data/security breach to a company or group of companies
      • Analysing potential business models for monetizing privacy
      • Is end-to-end risk evaluation possible? If so, how to go about it
    • 10:20 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Security & Privacy Standards and Regulations – What is Enough; is There Ever Too Much?
      Karel Dekyvere,
      CISO, Microsoft
      • Update on the European Commission’s new privacy directive (GDPR) and what this means for enterprises entering the IoE market
      • Will this enable a real trust model, or is more needed from companies themselves?
      • What is the reality of hacking today, how are businesses responding (assumed breach model) and how does this reality impact the evolution of IoE?
      • Best practices and initiatives in data ownership and use
    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
      Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
    • 11:15 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: No One-Size-Fits-All – Realising IoE Monetization by Building the Right Business Model For You
      Dweep Chanana,
      Principal Partner, Venture Investments, Momenta Partners
      • What are the steps in establishing a successful (profitable) business model?
      • Identifying the key partners and getting them on-board
      • Calculating the necessary upfront investments and running costs for effective cashflow and revenue management
      • Identifying customers vs. end-users and defining a clear value proposition for each
      • How to build a clear and trusted brand name in a partnership model
      • Federating business models across partners and establishing a clear revenue model for all
    • 11:40 am
      PANEL: Platform Providers & Ecosystem Enablers: Helping Telcos & Other Stakeholders Monetize IoE
      David O’Hara,
      Global Business Development, Jasper-Cisco IoT Cloud, Cisco-Jasper
      Nigel Chadwick,
      CEO, Stream Technologies
      Rickard Damm,
      Head of Innovation, Telia
      • Open ecosysytem – what do the new IoE service providers want/need from the telco, and what can they currently provide?
      • Where is demand coming from and how to support it for growth
      • IoE monetization – what exactly are we monetizing? Examining business and revenue models
      • APIs – fostering innovation and enabling SMEs to board the IoE juggernaut
      • Considering LPWAN and competing technologies in the IoE development and adoption drive
    • 12:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Monetizing IoE Services Designed to Enhance Industries and Society
      Dr. Mark Begbie,
      Business Development Director, CENSIS
      • Examining the main focus public services and utilities: serving the community, serving the economy, serving the environment, generating revenue
      • How can IoE technology and services help make public services and utilities more cost-effective and sustainable?
      • Where does the sector stand within the IoE ecosystem and what is needed to further enhance development?
      • How can the right partnership push IoE beyond cost savings into real monetization opportunities?
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
      Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
    • 2:00 pm
      PANEL: Monetization in Action – The 4th Industrial Revolution
      Dr. Robert Plana,
      Director of Innovation and Ecosystems, GE Digital
      Stephen Mellor,
      CTO, Industrial Internet Consortium
      Neil Crockett,
      Chief Digital Officer, Rolls-Royce
      Joann O’Brien,
      VP, APIs & Ecosystems, TM Forum
      Lynn Siggins,
      Commercial Automation Engineer, Rockwell Automation
      • Reimagining current manufacturing business models and moving from machine-led to service-led
      • Examining the use of open platforms and APIs in this transition
      • Moving from M2M to the Factory of the Future – from sensors & platforms to data & analytics
      • Brownfield challenges: How to adapt existing structures to enable the industrial internet of things?
      • What new skills and roles are required to truly enable the industrial internet of things
      • What is the future of connected digital industries – how will it change the economy?
      • Investment needs and what ROI looks like across the value chain today
      • Establishing a roadmap for transformation towards an automated, intelligent, connected manufacturing (real-life illustration)
    • 2:50 pm
      CASE STUDY: Engaging and Fostering the Growth of The Connected Consumer Market
      Rosalía Simón Navarro,
      Director of IoT & Smart Cities, Telefónica Europe
      • Considering “spaces” as viewed and experienced by the individual: the personal, the city and the long distance
      • Analysing the miss-match between the citizen’s and the municipality’s vision of what a smart city is
      • Creating relevant IoE use cases - connecting the individual with things that matter to them
      • Gauging citizens’ perception and application of services – where is the value and what are they willing to pay for?
      • Moving beyond pilot projects to scale and monetize IoE services
    • 3:10 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: The Connected Family and Managing Life Roles
      Rikke Helms,
      Managing Director, Global Telecoms, Microsoft
      • How can IoE solutions help manage the individual’s multiple roles – mother, daughter, wife, employee, friend, etc.
      • Separating the superfluous consumer services/devices from the truly transformative
      • Best for business - creating an emotional bond with the consumer
      • Real-life and future potential examples
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
      Chair: Craig Bachmann, Senior Director, Open Digital Program, Program & Product Management, TM Forum
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Looking at the IoE Lifecycle and Maturity Model
      Jonny Voon,
      Innovation Lead for IoT and Distributed Ledge, Innovate UK
      • What does it take to move beyond the pilot stage?
      • The fear of failure and lessons to learn – shifting the mindset
      • Procurement and investment challenges and how to face them (public vs. private perspective)
      • How to drive acceptance and adoption to move from start-up stage to mass-market
      • Where are the most mature IoE services in existence today?
      • Can we imagine what shape the IoE service lifecycle will take given its constantly changing and disruptive nature?
      • A look at real-life IoE projects in the NHS
      • Pushing boundaries – dream projects and what might be possible one day
    • 4:25 pm
      PANEL: Setting up IoE Monetization Short and Long Term
      Andres Botero,
      SVP & CMO, Aria Systems
      Tony Poulos,
      Strategist and Catalyst Evangelist, TM Forum
      Mark Veyette,
      President, Veyette Insights
      Former SVP & CIO, Cricket Wireless
      • The “new normal” of market dynamics, recurring revenue creation and use-based pricing in the IoE context
      • The need for a new formula for success in this digital era and what this may look like
      • Possible pricing strategies and business agility required to meet the connected customer’s increasing demands
      • How do enterprises need to adapt their legacy systems to compete in a fast-paced, competitive landscape?
    • 5:05 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Open APIs – scaling for End-to-End Digital Service Management
      Philippe Lalande,
      Director, Industry Collaborations, Oracle
      Daniel Bar-Lev,
      Director Office of the CTO, MEF
      • Defining best practices and B2B2X APIs to make the 4th industrial revolution a business-grade reality
      • Examining digital native disruptions and the resulting market environments
      • How can CSPs differentiate themselves from digital natives and gain competitive advantage?
      • Leveraging carrier-grade NaaS services and MEF LSO-orchestrated end-to-end service capabilities
      • Implementing autonomous scaling across operational and monetization domain boundaries
      • Addressing end-to-end service security and policy issues in an era of cyber-attacks on and using IoE infrastructure
    • 5:30 pm
      End of Conference

    Customer Centricity Live!

    • Amplifying your Reach: Infusing Emerging Channels for Engagement
      Chair: Yossi Zohar, Director, Product Marketing, Salesforce
    • 9:00 am
      CASE STUDY: Open APIs: Pathway to Becoming a Customer Centric and Data Driven Organization
      Richard Jeffares,
      COO, Ultrafast Fibre
      Greg Tilton,
      Founder & CEO, DGIT Systems
      • Using dynamic TM Forum Open APIs to enable an omnichannel experience and drive digital channels with a catalogue
      • Driving on-line web channels, mobile channels, CRM call centre, Customer Portal and direct B2B API channels through TMForum Open APIs.
      • Developing Frameworx based platforms that drive customer centric omnichannel solutions
      • Examining the relationships between API payloads and catalogue’s so that a catalogue can drive parallel channels for the best omnichannel experiences
    • 9:20 am
      CASE STUDY: Being a Service Provider in the Age of Microservices
      John Gillam,
      CTO for Cloud Services, BT Global Services
      Andreas Polz,
      CTO, Infonova R6
      • Reviewing learnings from building a platform to deliver “Cloud of Clouds”
      • Enabling customer (self) service in the age of cloud and NFV
      • Going evolution and role of standards from APIs to SDKs:
      • Enabling the enterprise market equivalent of appstore and Xcode: how & why
    • 9:40 am
      PRESENTATIONS & PANEL: Omnichannel and the Digital Ecosystem
      Clive Raynes,
      Head of Delivery, Sales, O2 UK
      Joris Vollebergh,
      Business Services Director CRM, Liberty Global
      Martijn Franssen,
      Director Digital Service, KPN
      Dario Di Bella,
      Director of Communications Solutions, Salesforce
      Chris Bauschka,
      Senior Director, Communications & Media, Salesforce
      • Examining how Service Providers are re-organizing to address the omnichannel opportunities
      • Quickly integrate similar customer experience capabilities from all channels with the least investment by creating a common architecture and APIs
      • Leveraging marketing cloud and service cloud to manage their customers journey
      • Improving their marketing campaigns as well as drove customer satisfaction and loyalty by enhancing their customer care across all channels
      • Developing an agile platform of engagement that will allow them to handle complex sales and service flow at scale
      • Creating a robust set of journeys that can act as test cases for an omnichannel solution

      Presentation 1: O2 UK Case Study: An Omni-channel approach to increasing SMB market share 
      Clive Raynes, Head of Delivery, Sales, O2 UK
      SMB customers interact with their service providers through a variety of digital and assisted channels. Like consumers, they expect a seamless, consistent and personalized experience in choosing the service providers they do business with. Join this session to learn how O2 UK maximized market share in the small-to-medium business sector using an omni-channel approach based on Salesforce.

      Presentation 2: KPN Case Study: Improving Positive Word of Mouth by Engaging with Customers Through Social Media
      Martijn Franssen, Director Digital Service, KPN
      Social Media is an emerging customer interaction channel for many service providers. Customers that opt to use this channel expect the same level of responsiveness and support as in other channels. However, most service providers today are still struggling to provide a personalized service through this channel, leading to potentially negative word of mouth spreading virally. Join this session to learn from KPN how they partnered with Salesforce to improve the way they engage and respond to customers via social media, and how it helped increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer care costs.

      Presentation 3: Liberty Global: Disrupting the SMB marketplace with an Omnichannel Experience
      Joris Vollebergh, Business Services Director, Liberty Global
      Omnichannel is a key requirement not only in B2C lines of business, but also in B2B. Learn how leading service providers like Liberty Global are disrupting the B2B marketplace by delivering an exceptional omnichannel experience, as well as leveraging an ecosystem of cloud partners to expand their business solutions portfolio and create new revenue streams. In this session, Liberty Global will share their vision and strategy and how they partnered with Salesforce in this journey.

    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • Using Intelligence to Support Real Experiences
      Chair: Pierre Blanchard, Senior Advisor, PRB Advisory
    • 11:15 am
      CASE STUDY: Building Loyalty with Data: Moving from Price Led Acquisitions to Brand Led Retention
      Mark Chaimbault,
      Head Of Customer Analytics, Three UK
    • 11:35 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Integrating Machine-Learning and Artificial Intelligence into the Fabric of your Core Customer Care
      Yves T’Joens,
      Vice President, Head of Product - Motive Customer Experience Solutions, Nokia
      • Examining how “proactive bots” can scour the network, devices and services to recognize fault signatures and proactively fix issues before customers are impacted
      • Discussing the importance this transition as IoT based devices and services proliferate the market place and how organizations are investing in programmable network operating and augmented cognition systems
      • Identifying new capabilities and providing a sneak peek into the work happening in Bell Labs that is changinge the way we provide customer care
    • 11:55 am
      CASE STUDY: Collaborating with AI for Successful Multi-Channel Customer Experience Management
      Tomoaki Yamazaki,
      Senior Manager of Customer Service Department Innovation Group, NTT Communications
    • 12:15 pm
      PANEL: Leveraging Operational and Machine Intelligence to Transform the Customer Experience
      Souhail Haddaji,
      Vice President of CEO Office Team, du
      Dr. Roger Brooks,
      Chief Scientist, Guavus
      Chris Menier,
      Vice President, Products and Marketing, Guavus
      • Leveraging machine intelligence as a key enabling technology to help transition from a legacy network operations model to a software-driven and service-oriented approach
      • Enabling the network connect seemingly unrelated data to identify potential issues and fully automate operational decisions to proactively take steps to fix them
      • Using operational intelligence and cognitive reasoning to improve service assurance and enable self-service capabilities
      • Adopting artificial intelligence to drive smarter and more productive core consumer service
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • Going Virtual: Adopting an Agile Approach to Customer Centricity
    • 2:00 pm
      PANEL: Delivering the Right Digital User Experience: Identifying Critical Factors for Success
      Rigas Parathyras,
      Sr. Manager Digital Architecture Services, Liberty Global
      Andre Foster,
      Vice President IT Operations and Infrastructure, LILAC Group, Liberty Global
      Akhil Kapoor,
      Chief Solutions Architect, Ericsson
      Aaron Shidler,
      VP, Oracle CX Cloud Product Development, Industry Solutions, Oracle Corp.
      • Accelerating the design and launch of new services
      • Identifying how experimentation in a software driven world is leading to new and innovative products
      • Lowering the cost of service delivery
      • Managing network services end-to-end across hybrid networks
      • Supporting partner ecosystems for new digital services
    • 2:30 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Subjective Versus Objective Customer Experience: Solving the “Red-Green” Problem
      Fraser Pajak,
      CEO, QuEST Forum
      Maria Eriksson,
      Senior Director of Management Frameworks, Ericsson

      Carriers tend to measure experience through Network and Service indicators (Objective data), sometimes based on several hundred measures. Customers on the other hand, judge the experience on a combination of Objective and Subjective measures, and on their specific expectations. Sometimes this leads to a great scorecard result (“green”) and a less than satisfactory customer perception (“red ”). This personation will show you  how to solve the red-green problem and focus on the vital few measures that really drive customer experience and perception.

    • 3:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Realizing the Benefits of NFV & SDN for Customers
      Patrick Lopez,
      Director, Global Networks Innovation, Telefónica
      Chair, ETSI NFV ISG
      • Deploying new solutions that can monitor quality of experience and build specific services to meet customers’ on-demand expectations
      • Using service models to guide the active testing of the process throughout its lifecycle
      • Assembling services in customer-specific ways in very short time scales and rapidly make changes in response to environmental events
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • Tracking Digital Footprints: Capturing the Elusive 360 Degree view of your Customer
    • 4:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Generating an Integrated, Standards-Based Approach to Connect all Customer Endpoints
      Gabriele Scarponi,
      CIO, Sky Italia
      Dan Ford,
      Vice President and General Manager Communications and Media, Vlocity
      • Providing your agents a complete view of the customer and an intelligent guided processes aligned to TM Forum standards
      • Delivering omnichannel cloud BSS applications that transform and enhance the customer experience, improve productivity, and dramatically reduce operating expenses
    • 4:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: Escaping the Labyrinth: KPN’s Simplification Program for Tracking your Customer’s Journey
      Bouke Hoving,
      Executive Vice President Simplification & Innovation, Royal KPN N.V.
      • Designing a top-down blueprint of future proof customer processes that takes the customer journey as the starting point
      • Transforming from a product-oriented business to a customer-oriented, service-focused model using the Business Process Framework (eTOM) combined with its own customer journeys
      • Becoming a customer-centric, digital organization that ensures uniform, excellent customer experience across all channels for all services
    • 4:55 pm
      CASE STUDY: Redesign your Customer Journey through Modernized BSS
      • Driving higher level of customer experience through redesign of customer journeys and interactions
      • Offering personalized products and services, pleasing customers and differentiating themselves from others
      • Uplifting internal user experience through excellent system performance plus consolidated view of customers
      • Optimizing and reducing infrastructure costs for long-term digital implementation
    • 5:15 pm
      CASE STUDY: Connecting Customers, Partners and Employees to Drive Simplicity and Service at Liberty Global
      Richard Britton,
      CEO, CloudSense
      Joris Vollebergh,
      Business Services Director CRM, Liberty Global
      • Improve Relevance - Drive radical digitization, reduce time-to-market & measure and multiply our customer touch points
      • Improve Consistency - Increase visibility & efficiency with a simple set of common PE KPI’s & real-time reporting
      • Build on Simplicity - Consolidate systems and improve our CRM capabilities, enabling a 360 degree view of our customer`s
      • Increase Sales & Service Effectiveness - Enable more channels & provide a seamless Omni-channel customer experience from lead to payment
      • Provide the Best Customer Experience - Gain an in-depth knowledge about our customers at each point of contact
    • 5:40 pm
      End of Conference

    Analytics Live!

    • Analytics Powered Innovation: Driving success with Data
      Chair: Ken Koffman, CTO, QuEST Forum
    • 9:00 am
      Track Sponsor Welcome
      Claudio Mazzuca,
      Vice-President - Systems & Services, EXFO
    • 9:05 am
      FEATURED PRESENTATION: The New Vs of Big Data
      Dr. Richard Benjamins,
      Director External Positioning & Big Data for Social Good; LUCA Data-Driven Decisions, Telefónica
      • Showcasing real-world examples of value created by Big Data
      • Detailing the journey on how major organization are truly becoming data-driven
      • Developing methods and best practices to address challenges during the journey
    • 9:30 am
      FEATURED PRESENTATION: Data Driven Innovation – Keys to Success
      Mary Kyriakidi,
      Director for the Media and Entertainment Industry, GfK
      • Identifying a number mission critical areas that companies must address if they are to transform to become more data driven
      • Realizing the benefits from connecting, combining, and analyzing pools of data from various sources
      • Overcoming challenges posed by sheer volume and variety of data, sources, data definitions and extraction intervals to deliver highly relevant and high-quality information
      • Investigating new tools and technologies that make it easier and cheaper to extract, model, enrich and anonymize data using analytics
      • Understanding the potential value of your data to external parties
    • 9:55 am
      FEATURED PRESENTATION: From Provider to Partner – how Data is Changing the Relationship between an Insurer and its Customers
      Takehiro Nakayama,
      Head of Smart Data, AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
      • Deriving business value from various health data
      • Incorporating state-of-the-art machine learning to develop advanced risk management
      • Providing personalized suggestions/opportunities for health promotion
      • Discussing the influence of blockchain technology on the future direction of insurance business
    • 10:20 am
      How to Boost your Network’s IQ: The Critical Role of Service Assurance and Real-Time Analytics
      Claudio Mazzuca,
      Vice-President - Systems & Services, EXFO
    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • Bringing intelligence to IoE
      Chair: Ana Weber Ph.D, President and Founder, E-Play Corp
    • 11:15 am
      Finding Answers in IoE Data – Real-World Implementations Achieving Results Today
      Edward Kibardin,
      Head of Data Science, Mitie PLC
      • Bringing IoE and industrial-grade analytics together to yielded significant and persistent business enhancements
      • Realizing both direct and opportunity cost savings and extracting sustained business value from IoE initiatives with analyzing IoT data
      • Evolving your data collection process from a manually intensive to automated where raw IoE data can be converted quickly and reliably into business insights with tangible benefit
      • Becoming a proactive service-oriented organization by identify and addressing issues within hours, rather than weeks or months to provide a markedly better experience
      • Identifying opportunities for improvement and areas of potential concern to reduced downtime and increased production levels
    • 11:40 am
      CASE STUDY: Mobile data to drive relevance in the outdoor media market: Creating actionable insights from big data
      Nick Henthorn,
      Commercial Director, Private Sector, Telefónica UK
      Mick Ridley,
      Chief Data Officer, ExterionMedia
      • Building a data environment that can manage the complexities of Big Data in the mobile market
      • Demonstrating transparency and building trust and relationships with customers
      • Creating insights from mobile big data to enable clients and businesses to unleash innovation, efficiencies and monetization opportunities
      • Future developments – using API’s and real time data to enable faster access to actionable insights
    • 12:00 pm
      Analytics and Your Dinner Plate – how One Start-Up is Conquering a €18 Billion Problem
      Rahul Tomar,
      CTO & Co-Founder, Tsenso GmbH
      • Enabling wholesalers and retailers to make decisions on quality assurance and determine weak spots within the supply chain
      • Benefiting from a higher level of transparency which reduces costs, leads to increased trust and less wastage at all stages of the supply chain
    • 12:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Improving Customer Experience and Sales Effectiveness with Predictive Analytics at Virgin Media
      Chris Coleman,
      Head of Sales Capability & Enablement, Virgin Media (Liberty Global)
      Andy Baer,
      SVP Communications & Media, Salesforce.com
      • Leveraging cloud platforms to capture and analyze real time customer behavioral and transactional data in the cloud
      • Creating actionable, predictive intelligence to optimize business processes, increase productivity and effectiveness, and most importantly, improve customer experience
      • Optimizing the customer journey and dramatic increase in sales effectiveness across all channels
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • Best Practices for Leveraging Big Data to Increase Intelligence
    • 2:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: Data Monetization – Making Data Work for You at du
      Dr Dirk Jungnickel,
      Senior Vice President - Business Analytics, New Business Innovation, du
      • Providing extensive mobile QoS measurements and granular, subscriber-level location analytics
      • Enabling location-based data monetization to provide insight ‘products’ to large retailers
      • Adopting data lakes as cost-effective, highly scalable architectures for collecting and processing massive volumes of data and data types
    • 2:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Network Analytics to Deliver Best-Of-Breed Network and Service Insights
      • Capturing, consolidating, aggregating, and analyzing network data, converting it into actionable network and business Intelligence
      • Determining the most important alarms and events, to prioritize and address operational tasks more efficiently
      • Maximizing uptime by proactively identifying and resolving network and service issues before the impact customers
      • Accurately planning for future expansion and capacity management by monitoring usage and network traffic behavior
    • 2:40 pm
      CASE STUDY: Realizing the Potential of Machine Learning
      Hervé Bouvier,
      Project Director, Orange
      Andreas Polz,
      CTO, Infonova R6
      • Quickly and automatically analyze bigger, more complex data, deliver faster, more accurate resultsand produce reliable and repeatable decisions
      • Focusing behavioral analysis to spot and predict potential “abnormal” events at an early stage
      • Identifying and mitigating security threats using predictive analytics and machine learning to catching attacks that elude static preventive defenses.
      • Optimizing your omnichannel initiatives by better understanding customers and their journeys, offering smart recommendations and providing service and support
      • Supporting network orchestration automation and management and end-to-end transaction traceability across the network and OSS/BSS environment
      • Automating real-time analytics in orchestrating services from end-to-end In a virtualized world
    • 3:00 pm
      Automated Network Optimization – Joining the Dots for Better Decision Making
      • Implementing an automated network optimization capability to assure the network’s best performance for a consistent positive customer experiences
      • Creating usable insights from data and providing the appropriate tools to for all departments to extract specific information they need
      • Providing the traceability of voice and MBB service quality degradations over the past 30 days for each individual user to understand the true issue when dealing with reactive care
      • Monitoring the QoE for targeted customer groups to initiate proactive care upon identification of QoE degradations in near real time
      • Taking a cautious approach to segmentation focusing on those customers and areas that provide the greatest revenue without missing the big picture
    • 3:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Process Mining – a Disruptive Approach to Enhancing Enterprise Business Processes and Operational Performance
      Patrick Charra,
      CIO, Orange Caribbean
      Cécile Thuault,
      Founder, sOftbridge technology
      • Detailing how big data machine learning and process mining technologies are used in Orange Caribbean’s “order to cash” process
      • Implementing process mining practices to analyze data logged by information systems to discover, control and optimize business processes
      • Building the processes instances and characterizing them to identify the business process “as it is” in the real life
    • 3:40 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • Ecosystem Risk Management: Moving Towards Truth, Trust and Data Governance
    • 4:00 pm
      CASE STUDY: The Growing Role of the CDO
      Phill Radley,
      Chief Data Architect, BT
      • Understanding the evolving role the CDO will play in the boardroom and how will the c-suite must work together to develop the long-term information strategy and governance needed to improve data transparency and generate business insights
      • Examining how Chief Data Officers are impacting the way their companies think
      • Discussing top organizational challenges and what happens when Network Engineering and IT converge
    • 4:25 pm
      CASE STUDY: From Privacy to Profit – Addressing Customers’ Changing Sentiments on the Value of their Data
      Brendan O’Reilly,
      CTO, Telefónica UK (O2)
      Stephen Bowker,
      CEO & Co-Founder, Cardinality
      • Examining how consumers are increasingly realizing how valuable their data is, and how this will shift the conversation in the near future
      • Establishing mutually beneficial privacy rules with consumer input to determine who and how data with be accessed and under what conditions
      • Finding the balance between privacy rights, customer wants and the delivery of effective and profitable services
    • 4:50 pm
      CASE STUDY: Data Governance – an Ever-Evolving Goal
      Robin Goad,
      Head of Analytics, Financial Times
      • Assessing your current state and develop plans to achieve an appropriate level of maturity in governance over a period of time
      • Integrating comprehensive and robust data governance policies and practices as governments add increased regulations on compliance and privacy
      • Outlining a comprehensive governance process for Big Data Management along with a roadmap of how to achieve a high level of maturity in this area
    • 5:10 pm
      CASE STUDY: Maximizing Revenue Assurance through Agile Analytics
      Andreas Manolis,
      Head of Strategy & Risk, Group Revenue Assurance, Group Transformation, BT Group Finance
      • Delivering improved value return through acceleration delivery time lines and agile development methodology
      • Exponentially accelerate revenue assurance coverage of products and services and progress up the maturity rating of TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance Maturity Matrix
      • Improving billing RFT quality for the business and the customer
    • 5:30 pm
      End of Conference

    Agile Operations & IT Live!

    • 9:00 am
      CASE STUDY: Developing Innovation from within your organization
      Nicolas Bry,
      Chief Innovation Officer, Orange Valley, Orange
      • Presenting Orange’s Rapid innovation framework leveraging four main principles, and the Intrapreneurs’ Studio
      • Instilling a culture of focus and agility with frugal innovation and continuous improvement loop
      • Forward thinking to a multifaceted innovation structure, hosting innovation teams, intrapreneurs, start-ups, and multi-company co-creation projects
      • “Imagine with Orange”, the crowd-sourced innovation ideas platform taking customer centricity to the next level
      • Examples of success stories
    • 9:20 am
      FIRESIDE CHAT with introductory presentations: Delivering on the Ambidextrous Challenge – Skill Gaps and Leadership Requirements For Digital Success
      Erik Meijer,
      Group Innovation, Deutsche Telekom
      Nowshad Matiul,
      Chief Corporate and People Officer, Robi Axiata
      • How to address successful organizational ambidexterity for both exploration and exploitation?
      • How are skill-set and leadership requirements changing across the business?
      • Turning business leaders into coaches, and empowering your teams
      • How to (re-)train, motivate, and enhance teams’ and individuals’ skills
      • Growing innovation by getting out of your comfort zone and own organization
    • 10:25 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Mitigating Disruption and Joining the Digital Ecosystem
      George Glass,
      Chief Systems Architect, BT
      • Understanding the need for business model innovation, and the evolution to a platform-based model
      • Developing re-useable services and exposing APIs to third parties for a wealth of innovative new implementations
      • What are the challenges and risks to opening up and exposing assets? And what are the potential rewards?
      • Monetizing existing assets on a platform basis – illustration through BT’s Directory
    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
      Chair: Chris Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
    • 11:15 am
      PANEL: The Business Case Behind Microservice Architectures
      Eric McMurry,
      Director CTO Office, Oracle
      Yathish Nagavalli,
      Chief Enterprise Architect, Huawei
      Julien Frisquet,
      CTO, Envision
      Beau Atwater,
      Head of SaaS Factory, Ericsson
      Dr. Lester Thomas,
      Head of Systems Architecture Center of Excellence, Vodafone Group
      • How does adopting a micro-service approach enhance network virtualization and agility?
      • Facing a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry with micro-services (strategy and use-case)
      • Enabling scalability, modularity, vendor neutrality and customization
      • Using DevOps and micro-systems for speedy time-to-market and service deployment
    • 11:55 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: Deploying Microservices in a Fast-Paced, Customer-Centric Environment – How and Why?
      Pierre Vincent,
      Technical Team Lead, Newsweaver
      • Why are microservices and continuous delivery critical to Newsweaver's expansion?
      • How did Newsweaver transition from a single team building a monolithic application to six teams developing microservices?
      • How are microservices changing the way we develop our product today?
      • What are the main challenges we faced in our transition and what's next?
    • 12:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Putting Microservices Into Practice
      Amrit Singh,
      Chief Architect, Infosys
      Crispin Blackall,
      Director, Consumer & Mobility, Telstra Networks
      • Examining the role and requirements of APIs in making micro-services work
      • A look at container-based micro-service platforms and their uses
      • How to efficiently manage distributed systems
      • Micro-service architectures in action – illustrations and real-life examples
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
      Chair: Chris Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
    • 2:00 pm
      PANEL: Where Do We Stand on the Road to 5G?
      Howard Benn,
      Head of Standards and Industrial Affairs, Samsung Electronics R&D Institute, Samsung Electronics
      William Webb,
      CEO, Weightless
      Tommy Ljunggren,
      Group Director, Architecture and Security, VEON
      Giovanni Romano,
      Coordinator for radio standards and 3GPP TSG RAN Vice-Chairman, Telecom Italia
      Alain Maloberti,
      SVP Orange Labs Networks, Orange
      Paul Crane,
      Head of Practice, Mobile, Network Services and Sustainability, BT Research
      • How will 5G transform communications, but also society and industries?
      • Drivers and barriers to 5G realization
      • Examining the 5G landscape and stakeholders – roles and interests
      • Exploring different 5G strategies and their objectives
      • How exactly will CSPs differentiate 4G and 5G and illustrate the 5G value proposition?
      • A look at the economics behind 5G – investment needs and the value of connectivity
      • Analysing international and cross-industry cooperation and standardization initiatives
      • Addressing security concerns across 5G systems and enabled services
    • 2:50 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT AND CASE STUDY: The CSP’s View on 5G Mobile Networks
      Dr. Ming Tsai,
      VP Telecommunication Laboratories, Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd.
      • Considering the deficiencies of current 4G networks – mobile service network, PCRF, backhaul backbone and core
      • The possible solutions for settling the deficiencies of current 4G networks
      • Proposed solutions and steps to 5G migration
      • Exploring novel opportunities in a 5G environment
    • 3:10 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Radically Improving Network Flexibility, Speed, Latency and Coverage
      Mark Gilmour,
      Director, Portfolio Strategy – Mobile, Ciena Ltd.
      • Architecting and managing a HetNet to enable 5G
      • How will the implementation of 5G affect the entire network end-to-end?
      • The target of 1ms latency – can this be achieved, and if so, how?
      • Balancing cost and quality – automating and orchestrating provisioning, resource allocation and service quality control
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
      Chair: Chris Anderson, Managing Director, Deloitte Consulting
    • 4:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Deep-Dive Into the Realities of Cloud and Transitioning to a Virtualised Environment
      Yuval Dvir,
      Head of Product Strategy and Operations of Ads, Global Operations, Google
      • Examining the steep growth of the Cloud business and how it has transformed various industries
      • No longer a nice-to-have – the essential role of cloud in being an agile digital player
      • What are the main drivers and advantages of adopting cloud solutions?
      • What are the remaining barriers? Security, technology, skills, organisation, culture, legacy assets, budget…
      • Evaluating the cloud adoption strategy: managing hybrid networks and hybrid cloud solutions
    • 4:25 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Leveraging the Value of the Cloud to Drive Agility
      Shahar Steiff,
      AVP, PCCW Global
      • How does leveraging cloud technologies impact the business internally?
      • What are the main considerations when choosing and putting in place a cloud model?
      • What are the outcomes on existing operations, services and levels of efficiency?
      • Leveraging the benefits of increased agility to drive business value and customer service
      • What new opportunities has and will cloud computing offer the telco of the future?
    • 4:50 pm
      PANEL: Analyzing Open Source Opportunities and Limits
      Diego Lopez,
      Senior Technology Expert, Telefonica I + D
      Chair on NFV, ETSI ISG
      Greg Tilton,
      Founder & CEO, DGIT Systems
      Oren Marmur,
      VP, Head of NFV, Amdocs
      Cecilia Corbi,
      Senior Project Manager, Telecom Italia
      Francois Duthilleul,
      Senior Solution Architect - EMEA, Telco Vertical, Red Hat
      • The need for OSS evolution and how open source can contribute to optimization
      • Will open source eventually entirely replace proprietary systems?
      • What impact has open source had on the digital industry so far?
      • How are various open source initiatives likely to impact the industry as a whole? Can these initiatives be harmonized?
      • Where to deploy open source within OSS and where not to (if anywhere)?
      • What are the main advantages and main drawbacks for existing/legacy CSPs?
      • To what extent will existing operation support systems end up relying on open source software?
      • How do these compare to greenfield digital entities?

    Digital Platform Economy & APIs Live!

    • 9:00 am
      CASE STUDY: Designing Platforms – the Key Characteristics of a Platform
      George Glass,
      Chief Systems Architect, BT
      • Determining how the platform will create value and interactions
      • Ensuring that the platform is configurable, extensible and software defined
      • Ensuring the platform infrastructure is plug and play
      • Providing context awareness of services, customers, resources and intelligence
    • 9:25 am
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Launching a Successful Digital Platform
      • Ensuring that the connections between people, places and things can be trusted when building the digital platforms
      • Addressing the ‘trust’ gap across the ecosystem with capabilities to authenticate connections and ensuring the security and integrity of the data being shared
      • Leveraging the experience of leading technology companies, CSPs and enterprises to develop and test standards and solutions to provide authenticated identity and context for trusted connections
    • 9:50 am
      Identifying Attractive Platform Business Models – how to Take Actions in the Right Fields Of Play
      Armin Iskander,
      Founder and Managing Partner, Iskander Business Partner
      Philipp Thomaschewski,
      Digital and New Business Model Development, Iskander Business Partner
      • Presenting methods to identify relevant digital platform business models and startups in a structured approach
      • Showing examples from the wholesale and payment industry
      • Giving advice on how to integrate them in the operational business
    • 10:15 am
      CASE STUDY & DEMO: New Innovative Voice Services Faster with Start-Up Cooperation
      Ruediger Baumann,
      Founder & CEO, 23numbers GmbH
      • Live presentation of 23numbers service
      • Developing Innovative Business models and new MVNO styles
        • enabling new and additional monetarization opportunities of network infrastructure
        • achieving faster go-to-market with partner using open network APIs
        • serving new customer segments
        • fighting back against OTP players with quality of service
      • Disposable mobile numbers self-service
        • how does it work?
        • use cases
        • what else can we do with it? – Roadmap
    • 10:45 am
      Morning Refreshments
    • 11:15 am
      CASE STUDY: Attracting and Engaging Users to Maximize Platform Interactions and Value
      Hui Tan,
      General Manager of Data Department, China Mobile
      • Strategies for attracting producers and consumers to your platform
      • Leveraging the network effect for growth
      • Using data to drive interactions and the value of the platform
      • Co-creating value with all stakeholders
    • 11:35 am
      CASE STUDY: Open APIs – Enabling Platform Business Models
      Shekhar Kulkarni,
      Global IT- Head of Digital Architecture, Telefonica
      • Understanding how to use APIs to enable new business modelsow to adapt
      • Developing an API strategy and architecture
      • Creating open APIs to be sharable and attractive to ecosystem partners
    • 12:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Open APIs – Turning Business Strategy into Reality
      Alex Bruce,
      Portfolio Strategy, Office of the CTO, Oracle
      • How can we learn from Digital Natives?
      • Can we adopt simpler digital services models and embrace Platform Business models?
      • Why do we need Open APIs to rapidly enable that transition?
      • Can we succeed individually without standards and open APIs?
      • Are those new services just a digital carbon copy of legacy hard wired services?
      • How will digital services market places look like in a multi-cloud environment?
      • What is the role of the Open APIs to make the market places really valuable, to accelerate and grow the consumption of Cloud-based communications services?
    • 12:20 pm
      CASE STUDY: Leveraging APIs Value within Lufthansa Innovation Hub
      Reinhard Lanegger,
      Senior Venture Development Manager, Key Account Manager API, Lufthansa Innovation Hub GmbH
      • Rational and short history of the Lufthansa Open API
      • Data in an Innovation Hub context – MVPs/prototypes for business model validation
      • Roadmap and vision for the Open API – as a data marketplace
    • 12:45 pm
      Networking Lunch
    • 2:00 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Standardizing and Enabling Interoperability whilst Enabling Platform Business Model Innovation
      Greg Tilton,
      Founder & CEO, DGIT Systems
      • Examining dynamic API implementation where the very same TM Forum standard APIs can be used for many platform offerings
      • Detailing how standard APIs can be used to take new innovative offering to market without IT effort
      • Highlighting real world Implementation experience applying TM Forum Frameworx and APIs to platform businesses
    • 2:20 pm
      EXPERT INSIGHT: Adopting an API Program as part of your Digital Transformation Strategy
      Roberto Galves,
      Senior Product Manager - Responsible for APIVERSITY, BEEVA
    • 2:40 pm
      PANEL: Orchestrating a ‘Developers & Drone as a Service” Platform Based Business Models for SDN/NFV with Open APIs
      Dr. Lester Thomas,
      Head of Systems Architecture Center of Excellence, Vodafone Group
      Sailaja Pramidi,
      Senior Principal Architect, Infosys
      David Warnock,
      Director Europe, Centina
      Alan Byrne,
      SPO Innovation Center Leader, Huawei
      • Why are platform based business models been championed by Vodafone and Shanghai Unicom and what ecosystems are you building?
      • Why did you look at ‘Developer and Drone as a Service’ scenarios in particular, why is infrastructure enablement important?
      • Why is Orchestration and Assurance core to infrastructure enablement?
      • What Open API’s were leveraged and what new API’s were contributed to the TM Forum to realize this scenario?
      • What are the challenges to achieve the agility that Vodafone and Shanghai Unicom are looking for and how are you looking to overcome them?
      • Tell us more about the innovation journey, why did you start with the “Digital SME”, why “Do Drones dream of Electric Sheep” and what’s next?
    • 3:30 pm
      Afternoon Refreshments
    • 4:00 pm
      What Makes a Platform Successful? – Exploring Common Denominators
      • What type of platform did you build?
      • What are the key capabilities required of a platform infrastructure to enable your business model?
      • What approach did you take to platform design?
    • 4:25 pm
      Keeping the Platform Fresh
      • Understanding the importance of continuous innovation to sustain and grow platform value
      • Adding new features and functionalities to maximize the platform’s popularity
      • Leveraging big data and machine learning to constantly optimize the customer experience
      • Ensuring that curation sustains high quality interactions and platform relevance
    • 4:50 pm
      PANEL: The Future of Platforms and Platform Business Models
      Martin Brannigan,
      Senior Director of Production, Broadcast & Creative, Sky Italia
      • How will the evolution of the Cloud, the IoT and Big Data drive platform business models?
      • How will ecosystems and interactions between the different participants evolve?
      • What new opportunities will emerge for value creation and capture?
    • 5:30 pm
      End of Conference

Day 4

May 18, 2017

  • 9:00 am
  • Collaboration Live!


    Digital Transformation Journey Workshop

    Collaboration Live!

    • 10:30 am
      Collaboration Live!

      Collaboration Live! gives you the opportunity to have a final deep dive with Catalyst service provider champions, pick their brains on why they got involved, ask questions or even pitch your ideas for a Catalyst project!

      This session is fully interactive so come prepared with your questions and thoughts.


    • 9:00 am
      Takeaway one – Customer Centricity & Analytics
    • 9:00 am
      Takeaway two – Internet of Everything
    • 9:00 am
      Takeaway three – Agile Business & IT

    Digital Transformation Journey Workshop

    • 2:00 pm
      The Digital Transformation Journey Workshop

      Chairman: Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum

      Part one: Together we plan & design

      2:00 pm Introduction and industry overview
      This introductory presentation will give an overview of TM Forum’s work with its members on the broad topic of digital transformation. It will highlight key programmes and results achieved as well as provide information on how to contribute to ongoing work to enable and optimise digital business.
      Speaker: Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum

      2:20 pm Together we connect to a better future
      Content tbc.
      Speaker: Michael Wang, Director of Product & Solution Marketing, ZTEsoft
      Part two: Together we think & talk

      2:40 pm Presentation
      A senior representative from a leading CSP will share views and experiences on digital transformation in their company with an emphasis on becoming a fully-fledged Digital Service Provider, the development of a platform strategy and entering the IoE marketplace.
      Speaker: Rickard Damm, Head of Innovation, Telia Company

      3:00 pm Interactive round table discussions
      Delegates will be seated at round tables and will discuss various points inspired by the presentation (tbc). Each table will discuss the same points, but outcomes will vary depending on the mix of experience and insight at each table. Each group will select a spokesperson to provide the feedback.

      3:20 pm COFFEE BREAK

      3:45 pm Feedback session
      The selected spokesperson from each table will share the outcomes of their exchanges with all delegates. These outcomes will be recorded on a flipchart by the chairman.

      4:05 pm Presentation
      A senior representative from a leading CSP will share views and experiences on digital transformation in their company with an emphasis on enhancing customer experience through increased agility, omnichannel and personalized services.
      Speaker: Joost Fonteyn, Head of Enterprise Business Systems, Proximus

      4:25 pm Interactive round table discussions
      Delegates will be seated at round tables and will discuss various points inspired by the presentation (tbc). Each table will discuss the same points, but outcomes will vary depending on the mix of experience and insight at each table. Each group will select a spokesperson to provide the feedback.

      4:55 pm Feedback session
      The selected spokesperson from each table will share the outcomes of their exchanges with all delegates. These outcomes will be recorded on a flipchart by the chairman.

      Part three: Together we expect & act

      5:15 pm Conclusion
      Recap of the afternoon’s presentations, discussions and conclusions presented by the chairman.
      Speaker: Mark Newman, Chief Analyst,

      Chairman: Mark Newman, Chief Analyst, TM Forum

      5:20 pm Closing remarks
      Senior representative from ZTE to provide some closing remarks on the general topic and scope of digital transformation.

      Speakers: Ben Zhou, CEO International, ZTEsoft
      Fu Jianjun, Head of Strategy & Marketing, ZTEsoft